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Become a part of our nobel mission that aims to help professionals to prepare for certification exams. ‘Blog as Guest’ is the official blog of prolearninghub.com, and is loaded with tons of information on various professional certification topics.


Turning Point reaches thousands of professionals across the world. If you would like to share your knowledge, we have the audience.

You may choose to write on any topic in the area of your specialization. However, we prefer articles related to the professional certification industry or courses

We understand the effort it takes to write a blog post, therefore we pay writers who contribute to our blog. For more details, write to guest@prolearninghub.com

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Guiding Principles

Must be relevant- Your work my give trends, insights, case examples as well as discussions on expert subject area such as IT Security Management, IT Service Management, Finance Management, Quality Management and Project Management. You can also provide relevant topics from Big Data, Microsoft® Certifications, SAP and CISCO among others.

Introduce yourself – Kindly provide us with a brief introduction of yourself, your professional certifications and your interests.

Originality – Your articles must be original, and should not have been published anywhere else whatsoever. Your content must be absolutely unique; should not be plagiarized. You must not publish the work you submit anywhere else (not even on your website or blog). However, if you wish, you can post a short summary or “teaser” on your website that links to the original on our website.

Headers – Headings should be relevant and naturally flow with the topic. We expect you to use catchy and interesting captions, H1 and H2s throughout the write-up.

.Well-researched work– Make sure that the information in the write-up offers value to the reader. Do thorough research to come up with an article that is timely, informative and value adding to the reader and to our online community.

Use paragraphs– For your work to appeal to the readership, use short paragraphs to break your long content into simple-to-read parts.

Style & flow –You should engage your readers in a natural style and flow throughout the piece of your work.

Length of article – The article should be a minimum of 600 words and a maximum of 800 words.

Proofing – we may edit your work for grammar, spelling, and typos, among others. If the editing is substantial (in very rare circumstances), we will send the work back to you through email so that you can approve before we publish.

Context – send us a short explanation on the circumstances surrounding your work and the rationale of writing it. Let us know the importance of the context of your work.

Engage users- post comments to engage the readership.

Communication – All correspondences should be through our official email.

Format – We only accept word format (.docx/.doc), no other format.

Post Images – All images must be absolutely clear with resolution of 600X350. In case of charts and graphs, they should be in either .jpeg / .gif / or .png formats. Send images as separate attachments (not inside the document). We recommend that you two or more diagrams or graphical images to make your topics clear. Make sure that these images have proper alternate texts and captions that give an accurate description of them (note that we may decide to use our own images).

Credits and Sources – Your work should include proper citations, credits all sources in a proper and professional manner.