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About course

Learn basics of telecommunications, networking concepts, and basics of wireless networks and get insight into upcoming telecom technologies. The telecom industry is an important backbone of every industry worldwide.  With the advancement of wireless networks, cloud computing, 3G/4G mobile networks, and Voice over IP (VoIP), the telecom industry has undergone many changes. This change has lend opportunities for many telecom professionals to work and adopt the telecommunications technology with changing needs.

This course provides the in-depth knowledge of existing telecom settings. You will learn to determine and select the best telecom option for an organization’s telephony requirements. The training provides you full understanding of telecom services and procedures to integrate voice technologies into existing data networks. This course is essential for newcomers in telecom industry. They will get hands-on experience in data networking and processes to combine telephony with data network infrastructure. You will learn to support and implement latest telecom services.

This course will give great benefits to telecom project managers, new technicians, and support staff.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand applications supported by today’s telecom networks.
  • Acquire knowledge of types of communication medium.
  • Understand architecture and attributes of new technology networks.
  • Understand the problems and solutions of telecom networks.

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