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Learn industry-wide accepted risk assessment, management and control practices using current tools and techniques, and gain in-depth knowledge of the types of risks that threaten projects at each stage of development and how to effectively overcome them.  Risk management is a key component of good project management, and it is the responsibility of project managers to take proper control measures for every risk.  In today’s less stable economic and political environment, it is very important to be aware of every potential risk and ways to control and overcome that risk.

The main strategies that are focused in this course are:

  • Measure possible risks
  • Measure potential impact
  • Learn Measures to control risks

This course provides training to the project managers to teach them how to understand the enterprise risks and their effective management. This course delivers knowledge of effective strategies to tackle risks, assess possibilities and their potential impact, and how to take measures to control risks. This course provides insight into statistical and analytical tools to estimate, analyse and plan for managing the risks.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to plan risk management.
  • Learn to identify and analyse potential risks and their impact.
  • Learn the methods and tools for risk analysis and management.
  • Acquire skills to build a risk management plan.
  • To understand the overall process of risk management.

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