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Performance management Course

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The performance of any employee of an organization is driven by their skills, approach, and by their capability to innovate and drive change through teams. The performance management is a method in which employees and managers work together to monitor, plan, and evaluate an employee’s work objectives and overall input to the organization. It is the process of assigning objectives, assessing progress and providing feedback and training to ensure that employees are meeting their objectives and goals of organization.

This course is designed to provide you introductory knowledge of performance management and the key aspects of the process. It gives you insight into the role of managers in implementing the performance management system and processes. You will learn the concepts of performance appraisal process and defining the right performance management system to support objectives of the organization. The key areas which are highlighted in the course are:

  • Create and manage performance traditions
  • Determine the key result areas.
  • Set key performance indicators
  • Establish correct competencies and activities for employees


This program will benefit the HR professionals, team leaders, and managers of all types of organizations. After learning this course you would be able to influence the newest innovations and new thinking of the employees of your organization.

So register with Performance management course provided by ProLearning Hub and acquire the skills to plan, monitor and review employee’s works and contribution to the organization.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand to define organizational development in your own context
  • Learn how to apply general theories to organization development
  • Acquire skills to become critical thinking partner and advisor to your peers and colleagues.
  • Understand to balance contradictory desires of business partners and employees
  • Learn to apply planned approach to achieve required business results from employees.

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