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JQuery And Ajax Course

About The Courses

AJAX and jQuery are very popular JavaScript languages used in web programming nowadays. AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML which helps to load the data in the background of the web page without reloading the whole page. AJAX can be used to take database information and store or alter it on the client side. This reduces the load on the server and allows applications to respond quickly, without reloading the whole HTML page. Various popular websites like Google maps, Gmail, Facebook etc. uses AJAX. The jQuery offers numerous methods for the functionality of AJAX. The jQuery is used to simplify the web document traversing and AJAX interactions for fast web development.

This course is designed to introduce basic concepts of jQuery and AJAX so that you can use them effectively in web development. You will learn to make your WebPages respond quickly with lesser screen refreshes. This course will teach you several techniques to help you become an expert in using jQuery and AJAX.  The main topics that are covered in this course are:

  • jQuery basics
  • CSS/Styling
  • jQuery core concepts
  • Events and plugins
  • AJAX

This course will benefit the web developers by teaching them the entire process of development of websites using these technologies. It will let you understand the implementation of jQuery and AJAX on real world problems.

So register today with ProLearning Hub and enjoy the benefits of jQuery and AJAX that will help you to make fast and responsive web applications.

Learning objectives:

  • Teach basic concepts of jQuery
  • Understand the implementation and designing aspects of jQuery
  • Learn the core concepts of jQuery
  • Learn to use jQuery AJAX methods to make faster and responsive web applications.
  • Understand the managed dependencies and plugins of these technologies.

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