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Graph Analytics for Big Data Course

About The Courses

Graph Analytics (also called Network analysis) is an emerging area of analytics workloads.  We know that most of the big data comes from the social networking sites. Many business drivers are using the graph analysis in social network influencer analysis. Most of the marketing managers nowadays are interested in identifying the social influencers because they are responsible for influencing social network communities to buy particular products. In fact, there are much more applications of graph analysis in big data.

This course is designed to make you understand about data network structure and its changes under various conditions. You will gain the knowledge of different concepts of graph analytics. You will learn new ways to model, store, retrieve, and analyze the graph-structured data. You will acquire the skills to model the problems into graph and analyze them in a flexible manner. The main topics included in the course are:

  • Introduction to Graphs
  • Graph Analytics
  • Graph Analytics Techniques
  • Computing Platforms for Graph Analytics

This course is beneficial for data science engineers and marketing managers who are interested in predicting the trends and relations between data. From this course you will understand the various graph analysis techniques.

So, Register yourself with ProLearning Hub and Join the course ‘Graph Analytics for Big Data’ and learn to execute graph algorithms to analyze the trends.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand various concepts related to the Graphs.
  • Learn the importance of graph analytics.
  • Learn various Graph analytics techniques.
  • Understand to model and store data in form of graphs.
  • Learn to model big data problems into graphs and perform analysis.

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