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This course will teach you the fundamental aspect of Oracle PL/SQL (Procedural Language/ structured Query Language) i.e. a procedural extension of SQL in Oracle. Learn the programming constructs of PL/SQL from best industry-experienced trainers. You will learn how to expertly apply programming constructs on a non-procedural SQL and generate procedures to get user required results from relational databases.

This course will teach you the various topics of PL/SQL programming including:

  • Basic Structure of PL/SQL block
  • Data types and control structures
  • Cursors
  • Procedures
  • Functions and Triggers

This Oracle PL/SQL program will give you the ability to create and execute PL/SQL programs, to use conditional and iteration constructs, to handle errors, and to use packages and triggers. This will significantly enhance your knowledge acumen of Oracle database concepts.

We provide presentations and documents with online examinations to the students. You can also use our online compiler to execute the programs and learn easily.


  • Acquire the skills to design PL/SQ programming block.
  • Learn the proper use of conditional and iterative constructs on databases.
  • Absorb the abilities to design effective packages to group related procedures.
  • Strengthen your acumen in PL/SQL concepts.

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