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This course provides you with the knowledge of fundamental concepts of computing and its applications. It breaks down the processing and storage capabilities of computing including various hardware and software components. This course is best for the beginners who are new to the computer world, and want to become familiar with basic computer operations. It will give you a basic understanding of computing systems, from the history of computers to modern computer applications.

This course is designed to teach you about basic computer processing, the hardware unit, the software unit, operating system unit, and the application programs along with internet based applications. The course contains modules that cover:

  • History of computers
  • Input Unit
  • Output Unit
  • Memory Unit
  • Computer applications
  • Internet based applications

Students will learn about the computer technology, computer applications like word-processing, databases, utilities, and multimedia applications etc., and internet based applications such as web browsers, email, and more. You will explore the block diagram of computer and basic functionality of every computing unit.


  • Learn fundamental aspects of computing principles and concepts
  • Explore the components of computer system and explain basic working of each
  • Develop your skills in some basic computer applications such as word processing and presentation.
  • Familiarize you with working atmosphere of the IT industry.

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