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Change Management Course

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Today every business is facing changes, whether it could be a department in the organization or the entire organization. So it has become necessary for an organization to manage and adapt those changes effectively. Change management is the process of managing the changes within an organization or group using a structured approach.

This course will introduce you the wide range of organizational structures and by studying these structures you will learn the multifaceted process of implementing changes to the organization. You will get to know the multiple factors responsible for these changes and the reasons that why the changes are resisted by employees. You will acquire the skills of accepting these worries and managing these changes effectively. This course will teach good communication and leadership skills to help employees to deal with changes and enjoy the benefits of these changes.  The course encompasses the knowledge of best practices for change management that includes:

  • Change and organization
  • Change and individual
  • Communication and leadership skill
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Change practice

This course will benefit the professionals who are facing changes or will soon face a change in their organization. The small entrepreneurs can gain knowledge of change management which will make them tackle any transition in their business successfully. So register yourself with Prolearning hub and gain the skills of change management to effectively manage changes in your business.

Learning objectives:

  • To understand types of organization structures
  • To develop change management skills
  • To learn the causes of these changes and reasons for resistance of employees towards these changes
  • Teach importance of communication in change management
  • Teach skills required to deal with changes
  • Learn best practices to manage and adapt changes
  • Learn about the tools to measure and monitor the success

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