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The course incorporates the concepts of Big Data and Analytics life-cycle to teach you what you need to know about the factors that influence Big Data. This course teaches you the process of Big Data analysis and designing solutions to tackle the challenges of collection and analysis of large amont of data.

This program is designed to give you the skills that are required to effectively execute projects in big data and other types of data analysis. We can’t deny the importance of big data in modern industry for driving decisions, innovation, marketing, and productivity. The inception of big data also poses some challenges of large data storage and processing. This course provides the knowledge and training to use Big Data tools and techniques, such as Hadoop architecture, to process, visualize and analyse large amounts of data. The skills gained through this course will help you become an expert in this high demand field. You will learn to manage, store, analyse and process massive amount of unstructured data.

This course is extremely helpful for IT professionals looking opportunities for cloud technologies, software professionals, analytics professionals, ETL developers, project managers and testing professionals.


  • Give you the ability to select the correct Big Data stores for unstructured datasets.
  • Query massive datasets in effective manner with effective tools.
  • Give hands-on experience in setting up different tool’s configurations for Big Data.
  • Plot and implement a Big Data strategy for your organization.

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