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The advancements in technology, especially in Internet, telecommunication systems, smartphones and video conferencing applications has led to the establishment of ‘virtual’ offices or ‘FreeLancing’.

It has led to a great increase in Freelancing.

A Freelancer is a virtual professional, independent contractor or a self-employed person who works from home or another remote workplace. They are generally not tied to one employer, but instead serve various clients all over the globe.  Companies that hire a Freelancer enjoy huge benefits from the freelancing relationship because they do not need to supply work-space, a secretary, and computer or extra traditional overheads. The employers can hire a Freelancer from a legal portal and just pay them for the piece of work they want.

Pro Learning Hub plans to offer a Freelancing platform to give individuals the opportunity and flexibility of working from home or another remote location.  This Freelancing platform offers numerous benefits and can be a better alternative to traditional jobs. This new trend offers great opportunities for various students, teachers and self-employed individuals to become their own boss and earn money online effectively. Teachers and students can spread their knowledge and help others from around the world learn through our Freelancing platform.

Benefits of Freelancing

Let’s take a look on the pros of Freelancing:

  • Flexible timing: Freelancing offers you an advantage to work with a flexible time-chart. You can adjust your work hours according to your needs and work during your most productive hours.
  • All profits are yours: The profits you earn from your job, completely belong to you. All the earned money from a project, whether large or small, are paid directly to your account. This puts the power to improve and expand your business in your hands.
  • Control your load: As a Freelancer, you control your workload. You can accept more work during spare times or refuse new work during busy times.
  • New abilities: To be a good Freelancer you will want to develop and hone your skills in marketing, sales, client development and knowledge in many practice areas. So, while you are teaching and sharing your knowledge with others, you are actually also learning new sets of skills that will  not only enhance you personally, but your Freelancing career too.
  • No office politics: As a Freelancer, you work alone in your virtual office. There is no competition and you don’t need to waste your time on unimportant meetings. So, you can focus on what’s most important and won’t get caught up in any “office politics.”
  • New openings: Our Freelancing platform will open new doors and new opportunities for you. You can establish yourself as an expert in various niche areas including writing, presentation designing, speaking etc.
  • International exposure: Freelancing gives you a wide exposure to the international market. Your clients may belong to different continents and countries. This will put you on the stage of international marketing where you can sell your work to companies from around the globe.
  • New relations: As you get connected with clients worldwide, you will build relationships with more people and expand your network of acquaintances. So you will always be expanding your contact lists with new clients, business associates and others.
  • Be your own Boss: The biggest advantage of Freelancing is that you are not answerable to anyone about your work results except your clients.  You are your own boss and can do work under your own control.
  • Gain confidence: Expanding your contact network and gaining new skills would definitely result in improved confidence.  The rewards you get in terms of feedback from clients will help you to attract more clients to your profile.

Tips for Freelancers

To start Freelancing and becoming your own boss can at times be a frightening proposition. But it can also be one that has incredible rewards. Anyone can become a successful independent contractor; you don’t need to be the perfect business person, you just need the drive to succeed.

Here are some tips that will definitely help you to get started.

  1. You should make yourself available to your possible clients. Keep your profile updated and share helpful blogs if possible to keep your name out there.
  2. Start your work with one or two clients, give them proper time and deliver the work on time that you promised.
  3. Once you’ve had success with some initial clients, those successes will help you expand and get more jobs.
  4. Schedule your time accordingly to meet your work deadlines and try to deliver the best work on time. Don’t over promise so that you can’t meet deadlines.
  5. Find your potential customers and send them your proposal containing your business thoughts and objectives for their job. Be sure to not to just copy/paste the same introduction for each, make it personal.
  6. Make sure that your clients feel comfortable speaking to you so that they can explain their requirements effectively.
  7. Ask questions if you don’t understand a client’s needs. It is better to ask and get it right, than have to do rework due to confusion over a directive.
  8. Form and lean on a group of fellow Freelancers for advice and encouragement. This will help you feel part of a team and you can gain valuable advice, especially if you’re first starting out.

You’ve invested in your continuing education at ProLearning Hub, now, let us help you put your education to work. We’re Introducing our Freelancing platform which will help you find work from internships to full-time employment. Experienced in developing the most advanced learning platform available on the internet today, we offer you the most competitive Freelance platform featuring the lowest client and Freelancer fees in the industry.

ProLearning Hub sets its Freelancer Platform above the rest by offering:

  • The lowest fees for clients in the industry
  • Equally low fees for Freelancers
  • Easy to use interface that allows you to post and view jobs and internships quickly
  • Internal messaging systems that allow easy access for both clients and Freelancers
  • Fund protection, ensuring the a client’s money spent is a Freelancer’s money earned


It’s easier for you to find the right person for your job when you post your job on ProLearning Hub Freelancing Platform. Whether you need someone working in your physical office, or assisting you via the internet, you’ll find the perfect individual here on our Freelancing Platform. We offer the lowest fees in the industry because we are devoted to our students having the opportunity to shine with the skills they learned at ProLearning Hub. You benefit by saving money in your recruitment process. Created with an easy to use interface, you’ll have the opportunity to message, chat, interview, hire, and communicate with your prospective Freelancer via the internal messaging system.


Our platform allows you to keep more of your earnings where they belong – in your pocket. Having benefited from the education you’ve received at Prolearning Hub, we want you to reap the rewards of a position well earned. Most Freelancing platforms take over 10 percent of your earnings and keep them for themselves. We put that money right back in your pocket, taking only a modest percentage to assist with keeping the platform operational. From our physical or virtual classroom to the physical or virtual workplace, we’ve got you covered here at ProLearning Hub.


We offer the unique option of Internships for those individuals who want or need to develop an internship relationship with a company or employer. Internships offer a valuable experience based learning option that can launch you into a powerful career. No other Freelancing platform offers the internship option. For companies looking for the opportunity to grow an individual within their company, seeking an intern on our Freelancing platform may be the solution for you.

Experience our user-friendly Freelancing platform for yourself and save money in the process. Find the perfect individual to complement your team, spend less to do it, and know that they’ll be receiving more of what you’re paying them than on any other Freelancing platform. Enjoy the excellence in online service that you’ve come to expect from the staff and developers at ProLearning Hub, keep more money in your pocket, and discover the perfect employment relationship.



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