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Working as a Freelancer – Freedom from the Shackles of the Office

A study conducted on professionals all over the world has found that more and more workers are opting to work as freelancers as compared to a regular nine-to-five job with a company. On the flip side, many global companies find that hiring and working with freelance talents and skills from any corner of the world is much more advantageous and economical. From the remote hires’ point of view, looking for steady work and an income does have its downsides. Even so, the benefits of working on your own time far outweigh them. Here are a few main reasons why working as a freelancer can prove to be a huge positive for your career.

Creating Multiple Sources of Income

By working with more than one client, remote hires have the opportunity to build multiple sources of income. If you choose to work with a single company, you’ll have to rely on the salary that you earn per month. Looking for and getting promotions and raises is not always easy and you’ll have to deal with company policies and regulations, not to mention competition from coworkers. In addition, most companies don’t allow their employees to work with other clients even after the regular working hours. This is why, working as a freelancer gives you the freedom to work with as many clients as you want and take up as much work as you can comfortably handle.

Better Job and Income Security

No matter how well your company is functioning and the amazing profits it is making, in-house workers are always aware of the possibility of layoffs in case of recession. Should you lose your job, you also lose the only source of income you have. And, until the time when you can find a great job with a good salary, you’ll have to rely on past earnings and savings to cope with expenses. On the other hand, by working with multiple clients, you can be sure that even if one source of income is eliminated, you can always continue to work with other clients while you keep applying for more projects.


Freedom to Choose Working Hours

The new generation of workers or the millennials as they are called are no longer satisfied with just a great job and steady income. As a new age worker, your focus will likely be on a well rounded lifestyle in which you have plenty of time for family, friends, hobbies, and other activities that give you personal happiness and satisfaction also. By working as a freelancer, you’ll have the freedom to choose the working hours that suit you best. You can work over the weekends or at any time of the day that best suits you.

Saving on Commuting Time and Expenses

Should you choose to work with a company, chances are very slim that your place of work is close to your home. Commuting to and from your workplace can cost you time and money that can be better utilized elsewhere, not to mention the toll it takes on your health and stamina. By choosing to work from home, you save on these overheads. Not only can you save on traveling expenses, but also the commuting time can be used for leisure or even taking up more work.

Meeting Family and Personal Obligations

Many workers typically have older relatives that they care for or may even be single parents raising a family on their own. Such circumstances might not allow you the freedom to take up a regular job that needs you to be away from home for a full working day. If this is you, you’ll find that the flexibility of working and meeting your responsibilities is only possible if you can work from home as a remote hire.


Choose the Work Culture You Like Best

Every company has its work culture and a work environment that can be either conducive to working well or stressful and inefficient. As a freelancer, you can choose to work with the client whose methods of working and company ethos matches your own. If, for some reason, you feel that your talents are not receiving the proper recognition or that the salary you earn is not sufficient for the work you put in, you have the choice of instantly giving up the client and moving on to better employers.

Avoid Boredom and Stagnation

As a professional, you’ll want to work on projects that constantly challenge your skills and push you to excel beyond your comfort zone. By working as a remote hire, you’ll have the opportunity to take up projects that excite you. But, in a company, you’ll have to deliver on the projects that are assigned to you even if they don’t match your creativity.

Advancing Your Skills and Talents

In today’s times when technology is advancing at breakneck speed, smart professionals know the importance of keeping up with the latest developments in their field. While many companies do offer training programs during working hours so employees can train and expand their skills, others may not have the necessary resources. Ultimately, you could face stagnation and the eventual redundancy of your talents. As a freelancer, you can take the time to join online courses from time to time so you can advance your abilities. Not only can this factor help you remain in touch with the latest happenings in your profession but you might just be able to  command better salaries and projects with your advanced knowledge.


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