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Various Features of Skype one must know



Communication is an essential demand for the corporate world, and technology enlisted for this purpose has remarkably transformed its way. Once upon a time when people has to wait for days or even month before they receive letters, and that letter was a monologue which itself an incomplete communication. Once upon another time, people had to pay good sum money for a single international call. The communication those days were expensive, but today, fortunately, we have technology like Skype. This instant messenger has improved the way of communication and brought it to the more personal level. Being most reliable messenger, Skype offers many features that bring the communication to next level.

Janus Friis and Nikklas Zennstrom launched Skype in 2003. However, it has evolved remarkably, when Microsoft brought it in 2011. Skype is pretty easy to install on Computers, Smartphones or Tablets. To use Skype you need to sign up and if you already have outlook or hotmail id then just login and start using. Skype claim, ‘Skype keeps the world talking, for free’. Moreover, they also claim that it has more features than you think. Let us take a look on the features that Skype offers to their users.


Skype to Skype Calling:

Skype offer free international calls. You can call anyone from anywhere anytime. With this internet calling feature you have unlimited access to the most reliable and fastest calling facility, though the calling fluency also depends on your internet speed. However, this feature is limited as it is essential to have Skype and the internet on both sides.

Skype to mobile and Landline Calling:

Not all the people are using Skype, if you want to contact them then you need not switch Skype. Skype facilitates their users to call on the mobile phones or landline anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, this facility is not free; you need to pay to avail this. However, the charges that Skype charge for this service is pretty low as compared to the conventional way of international calling. You need to buy Skype credits for this calling facility and if you are a regular caller then you can save your money on the subscription.

Group Calls

Group calling is the best feature that Skype offer to their users. This attracts not just the families whose members are living in different town but also the entrepreneurs and small business owners. Skype offers 25 people to connect at a time. Adding those people who already using Skype is free; however, you need to pay from your Skype credit when you add anyone through his/her mobile or landline. This facilitates employees to work together and to attain a meeting with persons from another part of the geographical land.

Skype Number

If you have your unique Skype number then anyone can call you, wherever you are. This facility is quite handy for business concern. You can get the professional number for the office and communicate to people internationally. You can also save your money when you can manage your all calls in one place. Skype numbers are not available in every part of the world, though you can access it from the major countries like United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Poland, Netherland, Republic of Korea, France, Romania, Chile, Switzerland, Mexico, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Malta, Ireland, Hungary, Estonia, and Sweden.

Call Forwarding

This allows the users to never miss a call on your Skype. Suppose for any reason you are not able to attain call from your Skype, then the call forwarding feature will automatically transfer the call to your phone and you will not miss the call. Unfortunately, this service is also not free; you need to pay little from your Skype credits to avail the feature.

Skype to Go

The process is advantageous for those who make international calls. If you want to make an international call then you can avail this feature, as it is much cheaper than the normal calls. For this you need to tell the Skype the international number you need to call, the Skype officials will give you a new number to dial. When you call the new number from your phone, the call will reach to the person whom you want to talk.


Video Calls:

Talk live to the people who are in another part of the globe. With this feature, you can connect with the people live and this feature is completely free. Skype video calls are reliable, as many companies and corporations are using in their daily purpose. For this, you need a computer or a Smartphone with an internet connection and a webcam (when you are using a computer). Thus, connect with your family, friend or business delegates now with Skype free video call.

Group Video Calls:

You can bring all your family members or employee in one place with this group video call facility by Skype. Thus, you can have video conference flawlessly with the Skype. Group Video Calls are more appreciated by the corporate world. Many major corporations are using Skype video calls for their convenience and they are found it faithful and reliable.


It is widely agreed that Skype’s have coolest emoticons and Mojis. Sending emojis is easy all you need to do is click or tap on emoji button. The instant messaging service by Skype itself has many features; you can create a messaging group to connect with many people at the same time.  You can also send SMS to any number around the world. However, this SMS sending service is not free; you need to use your Skype credit for this.

Skype is not just limited to text messaging, you can send video and audio message. Moreover, Skype is also a great medium to share files to others. Whether it is photos, documents, software, audio, video, zip files, and many others, you can easily share to the person from different part of the globe.

In addition, Skype also offers screen sharing to its users. You can collaborate with your friend or colleagues and work together with them. Skype provide a very responsive helpdesk. If you have any problem, you can contact them for the concern.

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