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Using Facebook as a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest social media platform to sweep the internet off its feet ever since Friendster left center stage. Since its debut in 2004, the company now boasts a continuously growing number of users who patronize the site and a colossal amount of people who continue to use itcoming from all ages and walks of life.


Through this immeasurable success, one may wonder how everything got to where it is right now. A simple idea of connecting people turned out bigger than it was initially planned to be. Through this, people got connected, jobs were created, and social media marketing went into full swing.

Before discussing anything else, what is social media marketing? This is the application of marketing strategies through the utilization of social media platforms. It includes the various advertisements we see whenever we open up Facebook either on mobile or on laptops/computers.

Other non-social media sites also utilize this type of marketing. Online games, blogs, new websites, almost every official page at the internet have some form of online marketing. This is a strategy that promotes income generation indirectly both for the advertiser and the platform owner.

How are these strategies implemented on Facebook? Once you open up the main page of Facebook after logging in, several marketing placements can be clearly seen immediately. For desktop and laptop users, the social media marketing strategy utilized include the common advertisements for products, services and events. These ads can be seen at the right side of the screen while some can be found shuffled along the newsfeed. For tablets and phones, advertisements can be found along the newsfeed only.

The main concept of Facebook marketing is to harness the full potential of social media marketing plans specified towards users of the social media giant. This method has quickly become popular for its efficient catering to a related set of audiences. Due to Facebook’s popularity to people from all walks of life, the site has become a haven in reaching out to every target audience.

What makes Facebook one of the best options for online marketing? As it is currently the most famous social media site, people sign up and create a chain effect for relatives and friends who opt to reach each other. This creates an endless continuity of subscribers to the giant and is therefore used by people with various interests, hobbies, activities attended, and services used.


When you market on Facebook, you are given the chance of reaching out effectively to your target audience as the site has numerous information on this aspect. The social media site then promotes the service, event, or product to the related audience for their consumption. This has and is still an effective marketing method as people continue to patronize the advertisements.

How does it work? There are a lot of ways to promote your advertisements depending on what method you opt to use. There are paid and free advertising strategies you can utilize. The paid advertisements are those that use specific tools from Facebook to accomplish targeting audiences. While free advertisements largely rely on the page administrator’s willingness and activeness on posting and engaging on its visitors and subscribers.

The paid advertisements are well known for being accurate in delivering content to a specific target market. This is a reputation that developed from understanding the wants and needs of its users. Paid ads exploit this information and market based on what they have to who may need it. As there are several methods for paid ads, social media marketing companies invest on these for their efficiency and benefits.


There are Facebook tools intended for you to effectively search out your target audience. There are specific criteria in finding them that Facebook proudly offers that include age, gender, location, education, workplace, relationship status, language, interests, and more. These make up your specific audience and Facebook then generates the potential amount of people who match them. You would then see whether you have a broad or specific audience, and with that information, you may either limit or widen your coverage for marketing potentials.

Interest targeting is more specific but more accurate as well when information is given. It is a more in-depth type of Facebook marketing because it delves deeper into the interests of your audience. It is a paid tool that lets you further understand and develop a more enticing offer for your prospective customers.

Promoting a Facebook offer is also an effective way of getting through tough target audiences. As page subscribers already have access to your offers, outside targets still need a little push in order to really go for your services or products. Promoting some offers helps you put whatever you want to say on the map where your target audience will have the opportunity to see. Oftentimes, limited-time offers generate higher visitor turnouts where some would hop on the deal. This builds reputation, sales, and ultimately, a potential high number of loyal customers.

Free advertisements, as previously mentioned, do not require any payments to Facebook. The primary capital needed include a Facebook page (optional separate webpage), reputation of the advertiser, and dedicated page administrators.

Facebook page and webpage: To introduce your product or service effectively online, a Facebook page is necessary. Through the page you may introduce, inform, interact, call out, and guide visitors and potential customers into patronizing what you have to offer. A webpage is also important, but if you have no funds to create one, a Facebook page will do as long as you have dedicated administrators who will engage with the visitors.

Reputation: Almost all companies and entrepreneurs handle a Facebook page dedicated to their specific services or products in order to inform and promote what they have to offer. People need to know who they’re visiting to discern whether they really want to patronize the represented products or services. If the advertiser is new, Facebook pages tend to create reputation for the advertiser and the company they represent since what they post ensures that it is something they are proud of. Posts, as it is already seen on Facebook, is subject to criticism and praise from comments of everybody accessing the page. The higher the number of people happy with the offers the higher the reputation of the page and its products or services gets.

Dedicated page administrators: Most companies handle Facebook pages through social media marketing jobs to interact with their valued patrons and potential customers. This creates a heightened sense of interaction from the company to the people compared to a stagnant relationship where people and company interactions are limited to physical presence.The importance of administrators is highlighted towards theircreated relationship to the visitors to the page. Interaction through the creation of events, activities, discussions, posts, trivia, quotes, promos, and contests tend to end up with a loyal following who wait for more of these, with some actively seeking out and sharing posts that are relatable and highly likeable while still promoting the page. It’s another way of getting the advertisement out for more people to see and potentially patronize.


Facebook marketing remains a popular choice for advertising products, services, and events. This is due to the high number of people using the social media platform on a daily basis, with some stating that it has become a daily necessity to check on it. This exact reason is why Facebook is so powerful. It has engulfed people’s social lives that made a lot of changes to interactions from person to person.

There are a lot of opportunities to utilize due to the success of the social media giant. Marketing your ads has never been easier with Facebook that lets you connect with your audience while checking up on the status of your business and ads. With dedication, passion, skill, and a little bit of luck, marketing online is a reachable success as long as you utilize your resources properly and truly understand the people you are trying to reach.

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