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Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing


Now, the ever marketing has significantly divided into two broad categories, namely – traditional marketing and digital marketing. Whether digital marketing is overpowering and surpassing its counterpart or traditional marketing still not affected and keeping its evergreen notions, all these stuffs is the huge part of debate. But effectiveness always relies on the type of customers you are targeting.

The usual notions may conclude that digital marketing has taken over and traditional is struggling for its existence. But apparently it is all depend upon the customers you are targeting for. When considering the current scenario, internet holds remarkable amount of customers of any field. So there, digital marketing become more relevant and efficient than the traditional one.

Digital-Vs-Traditional-MarketingTraditional Marketing, Defined

Generally it refers as offline method of marketing. It includes newspaper advertisements, radio and television announcements, yellow pages and many others. With such rise of technology, the traditional way of marketing has transformed significantly. And considering the current scenario, traditional marketing still stands effective when it comes to promote your project in certain location.

Traditional Marketing: pros and cons

Traditional marketing is effective to target local audience; despite being costlier than the digital marketing it leaves good impression on the customers. Since your customers get hardcopy of your advertisements, so they can read and suggest over and over again. Unfortunately, you need to keep patience to trace the result.

Defining Digital Marketing

Now, the ever digital marketing is inevitably transforming the way of advertisements. It has become crucial concern for the entrepreneurs these days. It includes social media marketing, YouTube video submission, websites, email marketing, pay per click and many others. In contemporary scenario it has become indispensable that a brand has to perform well on the internet.

Digital Marketing: pros and cons

One can write volumes of texts describing the pros and vitality of digital marketing. Summing up most of them in few words – it holds significant amount of customers and next its campaign comes cheaper than its rival. People have many myths about digital marketing and sometime they stumble on fraud hands for assistance which later results in pathetic experience.

Effective ways of digital marketing


Social Media Marketing

These days, people are more social on internet than to the real world, if you want to reach them then promote your brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, pinterest, LinkedIn and numerous others.  The capability of these websites are far bigger than you even think of, they holds enormous amount of people around the world. But the best part is you can communicate with them efficiently and conveniently through your particular channels. Each social networking website has its own exceptionality, with that you can comprehend the exact spot where most of your customers hang around.

Pay per Click

PPC is considered among the most result oriented marketing campaign. It is an advertising system offer by search engines in which you have to pay for each click. If you are selling goods or services online then PPC would be the best way to start your digital marketing campaign. PPC campaign starts with selecting precise keywords that can bring your potential customers to your website. It is vital that you and your digital marketing do research and comprehend the market fray before conclude to certain keywords. The other important thing is to keep your advertisement box and landing page in tandem. Your customers would immediately repel when they redirect on some page which are out of their concern.

Since you have only few seconds to attract the customers and make them visit to your website, therefore your ad should be eye-catching, well-versed and informative all at the same time. To make your PPC campaign powerful, usually people also avail SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO

A massive race is going among the commercial websites to be among the top of the search engine suggestion page. Search engine optimization campaign is most crucial yet complicated way of marketing. Both PPC and SEO target your website to bring lots of beneficial traffics, but the SEO is long process which results in much productive way.

SEO further classified into sub-divisions, namely- on-page SEO and off-page SEO. It is vital that your website reconcile with the terms and conditions of search engines, which includes appropriate keyword density, effective Meta tags, title, URL, content and heading optimization, external link to authority sites, and many more. All of these efforts come under the on-page SEO campaign.

The on-page SEO has to done before you start your off-page struggle. The marketing through blogging, forum posting, content sharing, link building, articles submissions, online yellow pages and others comes under the off-page SEO.

Email and Newsletter marketing

This is another effective method of digital marketing though its notion is older than the digital marketing itself. From centuries we have been sending promotional mails to customers, but in this case this stuff is done online. Rather to send mail to customers into their mail box, we send them to their virtual inbox.

Traditional Marketing Vs Digital marketing


There is significant cost difference between traditional and digital marketing. Posting an ad online is much cheaper than creating posters in bulk or advertising through radio or television channels.  The digital marketing proves to be cost effective for advertisers.

Immediate Result

In many ways digital marketing campaign is more result oriented than the conventional one. You can trace the effectiveness of your campaign and modify it whenever needed. But for traditional marketing, you should keep patience.


Your approaches to digital marketing reach not only few towns or cities but it can bring you among global market. It extent the customers base, boost the sales and make all of them in your financial limit.


Your marketing would only be successful if you smartly targeting your potential customers. Digital marketing facilitates us to target precise group consisting numerous customers which is hardly possible in traditional marketing.

Return on Investment

At last but not least, you should ensure that you are getting worthy return of each and every penny you are paying. For the traditional market it would be hard to estimate that your investment should always comes up with beneficial return.

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