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Top Free WordPress Plugins 2017


Bygone are the days when WordPress was used for just blogging, now it has everything under the sun. Whether you need a professional website for your food business or an e-commerce online store, WordPress effectively goes in all.
Statically, WordPress holds a significant amount of web addresses and the features worth such popularity. Earlier to the WordPress, the website was complicated and things of technical guys. Now, since we have WordPress anyone can handle and modify his/her website without any specific technological skills.

Apparently, these services are fueled by plugins. Plugins are effective tools that simplified the complex process. For instance, you need a contact form on your website then rather write descriptive codes, you can just install a plugin for that. It is simple.

One can easily create a professional website in limited budget. And precisely the limitation of the budget can be as minimum as to buy a domain; you can create a website by your own. You can find numerous of free themes from WordPress and free plugins are always there with you.

Here are essential WordPress plugins that come free:

Yoast SEO:

Almost every professional website eventually needs to compete with their competitors. Online competition is all about being visible among the potential buyers. The plugins are essential for those who care more about the website visibility and first position on Search Engine Suggestion Page. Yoast SEO facilitates you write effective webpage Meta tags, descriptions, titles, and other on-page SEO processes.

W3 Total Cache:

Fast website loading speed is essential for profession sites. Since you have to deal with visitors and impress them to buy your products, you have to mind minute details and precisely this is the bigger factors that increase conversion rates. W3 total Cache is a plugin that significantly increases your website speed. Now, your visitors will be not waiting for your website to load, the plugin makes it in the blink of the eyes.

Contact Form 7:

Contact is the most important section of your website. You should need a contact form on which you can rely. Contact Form 7 is areliable and robust plugin to add contact us box on your website. Moreover, you can design it according to your choice and themes. But the best part is – like others it comes free. So now, with this plugin, you can add a contact form on any pages.

Backup Buddy:

What if, you lost all your data from your website andis there any way you can get them back;be prepared for such cases, by installing backup buddy. The plugins work silently and store your backup so that you can recover your data when needed. You can schedule the backup as frequent as you want. Another feature of this plugin is that it store your backup on prominent cloud storage such as Google drive and Dropbox.

Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin:

This is the best way to keep in touch with your previous audience. For many reasons, you change your web URLs; the plugin allows you to redirect the visitors from your previous URLs. This is the best plugin for this feature and luckily free of costs. The installation is simple, all you have to do is to follow the process and when everything is done, you’ll have a functional website that’ll get visitors from other dead URLs.



Marketing is an essential part of any business and when you talk about online then the matter become more serious and crucial. Sending Newsletters to your potential and/or previous buyers is an effective way of marketing. MailChimp is the plugin that allows you to send emails in mass. This is essential for online business owners as they sooner or later have to communicate with people, introducing their latest products or services they are serving. So, you can continue your email campaign effectively and at affordable price, as the plugins will not charge you any money.

Simple Share Buttons:

What makes your web post popular? Let’s your readers share your page to their social networking accounts. This is important for a website who is seeking for online better visibility. The simple share buttons add prominent social networking websites’ link to share your web page. Now, your visitors can share your website post to Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit and many others.

All in One Schema.org rich snippets:

This plugin is for better visibility on search engines. When your website will attractively describe on the search engines then click rate will simultaneously increase. This plugin makes your website information more precise and informative so that visitors will get what they are looking for. This plugin should be in must-have-list of online business owners.


Now, avoid pathetic looking tables from your post. This plugin has taken the way of expressing data and other information in the table to next level. You can create cool and eye-catching tables and insert them on your website.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin:

Another must have a plugin for website owners. From SEO point of view, the blog is an important factor to bring your website to the top on search engine page. YARPP adds an extra feature on your blog. When your visitors read a specific post on your website the plugin suggests them similar posts from your blog and keep them engage. This is the best way to convert visitors into your buyers.

A website is essential for all online business owners,but having a website is not just enough to fulfill the dream of online entrepreneurs. A professional website has to be functional and effective to deal with current online demand. WordPress is the best option to get such website in limited budget. Moreover, you can get numerous troubleshooting advice, which guides you to have a robust and flexible website.

There are other plugins too which come free, but the list mostly focused on essential one. Without these features, one cannot imagine an effective professional website. However, you can personalize your website according to your needs and desire. But the article introduces you the plugins that essential for your website and increase your web performance.

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