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On the way to measure the effectiveness of PPC over SEO and advantages of SEO over PPC, we may come up with the best way to drive significant traffic on your website and convert your visitors in your loyal customers. Pay per click, as the name suggests you need to pay for every click on your advertisement. On the other side, Search engine optimization seems long term visibility through organic position. However, both are the biggest term of contemporary marketing techniques.


Nowadays, visitors are more likely to end up on your website through search engines rather directly from your link. An estimate believes around eighty percent of users find their desired website through search engines. So there, entrepreneurs are pulling each other in the fray of tough internet market.

Fortunately, both PPC and SEO rely on search engine to bring visitors on your website and maybe this would be crucial reason of their vitality and popularity. Apparently, there are few fundamental strategies that imply on both options to boom their effectiveness.


Users have problem and the websites have solution, effectively keywords connect both of them. If you have a website, you obviously want to be on the precise place where people looking for solution in area of your expertise. The appearance of your PPC ads depend on the keyword you are targeting, keywords in your ad banners, keywords in your landing page and many other factors related to keywords. Likewise, for SEO whole campaign notably rely on your selection of keywords.

SEO Verses PPC

In simple notion, SEO make you on the top of the search engine suggestion page and PPC display your ads on the relevant page and charge for each click. But both have their own advantages, below are comprehensive comparison both marketing techniques.


The proper implementation of both SEO and PPC worth each and every penny you pay. Thus, for this concern cost-effectiveness is relative term which strictly depends on your need and your personal circumstances.

If you are thinking for long term advantages, and seeking for an established position on top of the search engine page, then do opt for SEO. It is cost-effective though you need to keep little patience for the outcomes of your campaign.
On the different dimension, PPC offers rapid results. In cut throat competition, it has become hard to bring your website on common keywords and usually it needs a great SEO strategy to list your website on top 5 positions. You should know that there is no shortcuts for SEO results, and beware of the companies that selling such services.

When it comes to get significant traffic on your website in limited time, then PPC provide remarkable result in the price you pay for. In PPC you should only pay for the clicks on the ads receives and not for the views. SEO however provide slow but steady result that lasts long. So, both services are cost-effective depending on needs.



Which among them bring more traffic? It is still a point of debate, since both are efficient for different purpose. Usually, PPC bring more relevant traffic to your website but you should not forget that you are paying for each of them. SEO on the other hand bring organic traffic which would vital to establish your presence on the internet. You can have continuous flow of traffic round the clock without paying for it. The volume of traffic depends on the popularity of keywords.

If you want both traffic and cost-effective in tandems then organic way would be the better option. But if you want to improve your sales in limited time then PPC would be the better option.


Apparently, PPC is successful method for precise target to your customers. After a successful SEO campaigning, websites may have lots of traffic but the conversion rate would still low in contrast with the PPC. The visitors through PPC are more likely to purchase or call for response than the visitors through organic traffic.

SEO traffic is authentic and better for the internet presence, but if narrow down your concern to only sales, then nothing would be better than PPC.



Both services are availed for different consequences. It depends on your necessities and one should comprehend which one is more compatible to its needs. If you are selling goods online and seeking for buyers, then an initial SEO campaign would be ineffective for your demand. SEO usually needs patience. One has to wait for months or even years to be on the first page for certain keywords.

The usual need of most of the business website can duly accomplished by the combination of both services. PPC provides faster result so you can get enough sales leads and SEO take care of your web presence and building your future branding.

It is recommended to use PPC campaign when your website contains high converting products and use SEO for limited budget otherwise SEO campaign would be sufficient for steady development.


Both SEO and PPC are essential digital marketing techniques; however there are still few things that we need to consider before opting any of these services. Unfortunately, not all companies are offering authentic SEO services, as you may be familiar with terms like black-hat SEO, which may show remarkable result in few period but later it proves harmful for your website and your brand. Beware of them and choose only those firms which provide ethical and transparent SEO services.

On the other hand, there is always the risk of Click fraud in PPC campaign. One of the major concerns in this situation is robotic script that clicks your link time to time, to make your campaign ineffective. You rival enlist robotic script to cut down your PPC campaign.

SEO verses PPC could take volumes of articles to justify solemn concern. But for profitable business strategy one should involve in concerning SEO along with PPC. Thus, keeping the bottom line as a suggestion for novice- you should first comprehend your needs and desire, and in accordance with that you should rely any of this or both of this services.

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