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SEO Tips for Photography Websites

photography tips seo

photography tips seo

Search Engine Optimization is being crucial marketing part of any business and so for Photographers. Although most of SEO activities required for a photography sites are similar to other websites with the exception is that one needs to work harder for Image optimization because for a photography website, It is important to have good presence over image search results.  Also, since you are uploading so many images to your website, make sure that your website opens fast.

Although Photography is an art that can’t be done by everyone because real photographers are creative by nature, but because of advancement  of technology today, everyone is photographer now and the photography industry is highly competitive. So the question is that, how to be more popular and successful in photography? Internet Marketing is trending today and you need to use this technology to get maximum calls, sales and conversion. SEO is the evergreen method of Digital Marketing to bring users from organic search results of major search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Keep in Mind following steps to implement SEO on Photography Websites –

Optimizing Images – In order to get better SEO and to drive traffic from Image search results, It is important to optimize images. You need to follow below mentioned activities to make images SEO friendly.

  1. File Name – The file name of an image needs to be updated. For example, if your image is for “Donald Trump in India” the name should be something like Donald-trump-in-india.jpeg
  2. Image Compression – Google doesn’t love heavy images. In-fact it is not good for your website too because a the heavy images lead to load your website slow which is against Google algorithm. For quick solution of this issue, There is an option in photoshop to “Save for Web”. You use this option to make images lighter. Alternatively, there are so many off-line and on-line tools to do this purpose.
  3. Alt Tags – Alt tag for every image is important for both search engines and users. One needs to add alt tags on every image in your website. The pattern of alt tag is like this – <img src=”example.jpeg” alt=”Example”>
  4. Text around Images – Text below images help users and search engines to understand image in a better way. If there is an image of “Donald Trump in India” You can elaborate image with the text something like –  “Donald Trump with President Kovind in India”.
  5. Dimension of Image – The Dimension of Image should be good. It is recommended to use images of larger dimensions., however, you can use smaller images as per requirements.

Creating Image Sitemaps – when you verify your website in Google webmaster tools, It is important for you to submit sitemaps. Keep in mind that since your website is related to photography, It is needed to have image addresses in sitemap. Also, make sure that, you have added all relevant links for your website in sitemap. In WordPress websites, several plugins like Yoast SEO does the job for you however, when we talk about other platforms, we need to create sitemaps carefully and re-check to see if all required URLs are present or not.

Implement Proper On-Page SEO – Like any other website category, Photography websites need On-page SEO too.  You need to do all important On-Page SEO activities for good results. Some of common On-page SEO processes that need to be done on every website includes – Meta Tags implementation, heading tags implementation, Content updation, optimizing website to load faster, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools code implementation, .htaccess and robots.txt file creation, 404 error fix, broken links check, inter-linking etc.

tips for SEO

Quality Back-linking is important – When On-Page SEO is done on your website, you need to go for off-page SEO activities. In Off-Page SEO practice, Link-building is really important and so you need to build quality links in order to help your website rank higher in Google and other search engines. There are so many activities in link-building process and you need to practice those activities that can be super beneficial for your business. Some of the widely used off-page SEO activities include – Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Document Submission, Blogging, classified submission, Q&A, Article writing and submission, blog commenting, forum posting and more.

You need not do spamming. Create good back-links by creating SEO optimized contents and implement link in order to create good back-links for your business.  When you create a back-link for your website, make sure that the website is of high quality and it is in your niche. Link your website from so many different sources but keep in mind that websites should be of good quality and they are in same category as your website is.

Social Media presence should be good – Google uses over 200 ranking factors and having good presence  over social media website is one of them.It not only help to boost SEO but it drive quality traffic on your website too. Alternatively, through different social media websites, people can see your listings and get back to you as per their needs.

Social Media Presense tips

Local SEO is crucial – In a recent survey, most of users want to choose local photographers so being a photographer, you need to rank locally.  To rank locally, you need to implement “Local SEO” on your website. Make sure that your website is listed in Google My Business, Yelp, Foursquare and some other local SEO directories and forums. You can publish some classifieds in  backpage and some other classified websites to get good results.

Recap –  The Search Engine Optimization process needs to be taken seriously by photographers. A good SEO process can help business get opportunities to drive quality visitors on a website. Keep in mind that SEO process takes time but it lasts for a long time. Once your website starts showing at top positions, It takes lesser labor to maintain 1st page ranking. So create a good strategy for your photography website and start the search engine optimization process. FYI, if you follow above steps, it can be good start to boost your photography business online. Happy Working 😉


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