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Run a Facebook Contest – Get Great Exposure for Your Website

Open Facebook today and you’ll be amazed by the number of contests out there. For any business, having a contest is a great way to attract attention to your website and the products and services you’re selling. Having a contest is certain exposure to your site. But, before you go ahead and hold one, there are certain factors to keep in mind. Work out the details of the contest you want to hold carefully and you’re sure to achieve the results you’re hoping for.

Step 1 – Work out Your Objectives

What do you hope to gain from the contest? Are you looking to raise awareness for your products or services, or are you aiming for a rise in the likes of your Facebook page. You could be introducing a new product or trying to get customers to talk about their experiences after using it. You might also be hoping to create support for the product or perhaps, an idea you’re putting out there. Many entrepreneurs launching a new brand in the market choose to hold a contest for instant exposure. Once you have your objective planned, you can organize the type of contest accordingly.


Step 2 – Choose the Right Type of Contest

Contests can be of many types and you should be able to match the category to your objective. For instance, you could hold a lucky draw or a sweepstakes contest in which you’ll be giving away samples of your products to the winners. You could also hold photo, video, or essay contests. Whatever kind you choose, make sure you keep it simple and easy to enter into. Long and complicated procedures end with readers losing interest quickly. You can also plan your contest according to the audience demographic you’re targeting. For example, younger people might welcome a contest that needs them to send in pictures they have taken themselves.


Step 3 – Check for Facebook Rules and Regulations

Facebook has a set of rules and regulations in place for users running contests. Make sure you study them carefully. Here they are:

  • You cannot request contestants to hit the “Like” button to vote on a product or an issue. But, you can ask them to “Like” your page or connect to an App.
  • You must also make it very clear that the competition is not sponsored or endorsed by Facebook in any way.
  • Inform your contestants that any information they give out will be used by your company and not by Facebook.
  • You must promote the competition by way of a Page App or a Canvas Page.
  • While Facebook offers features like Uploading images to the wall or adding comments, you cannot use them for your contest.
  • You can only inform the winners by other channels such as email, postal services, telegram, or phone call. Facebook will not allow you inform them via their page.
  • Remember not to add calls to action like asking people to inform their friends about the contest or to make sure they vote for you.

Step 4 – Choose the Third Party App

Facebook requires contest holders to run it by way of a third-part app. Check for the many companies out there and find the one that you can customize as per the needs of your company or the products you’re promoting. Make sure the app is embedded in your website and is not restricted for use on Facebook only. Also, make sure it is mobile friendly. This means that users should be able to access it on the go.

Step 5 – Choose the Prize

The prize you choose to give away must have some connection with your company and your contest objectives. For instance, if you’re planning on increasing exposure to your product, you could choose to give it away as a prize. But, if you supply accessories to a certain product, you must offer the main product so people are inclined to look at your accessories range. If you’re promoting a new restaurant, offering free dinner for two as a prize would be the best strategy. Only make sure that whatever give away you opt for is somehow connected to the industry where you work and you’re sure to attract customers who are likely to be interested in your contest.


Step 6 – Limit the Information You Ask For

In today’s times when identity theft and spam calling are very real threats, you must limit the information you’re asking the contestants for. Only request for the first and last name and an email address. Asking for more than that not only makes the readers wary, but they may not be inclined to waste too much time adding that information. When a particular contestant does win, you can always ask for more details about how to get the prize to him or her.

Step 7 – Advertise the Campaign as Best as You Can

Once you’ve worked out all the details, make the contest a part of your marketing strategies. Add information on the banner of your website and in the new blogs you’ll be posting. Talk about it on all the forums and social media sites possible. If you regularly send out newsletters to your customers, inform them of the terms of the competition and ask them to take part. If you’ve been advertising your products on Facebook ads, television, radio, or in the real stores, make sure you talk about the contest via these channels too.

Once the contest has ended and the prizes have been sent to the contestants, you can continue to engage with your customers by way of blogs and articles. Add the email IDS to your list of mail recipients to whom you can convey updates of your company activities. Also, keep track of the feedback they send you.

Running a Facebook contest is a smart marketing strategy that can prove invaluable for an entrepreneur. If you want to learn more of such tactics, you can sign up for our marketing courses on ProLearning Hub. Learn all about the most effective of approaches and take your business to new heights.

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