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How to research keywords using Google keyword planner tool?

Finding keywords

Finding keywords

Believe it or not, keyword research is the first and the base of search engine optimization and other Digital marketing services. It is the method of making a list of keywords that can drive maximum traffic on a website and comes with less competition. So being a Digital Marketer, one needs to research and build a list of keywords that can give great results to the business owner. All though there are several tools to research keywords in a great way, Google keyword planner tool is the one which is widely used by Digital Marketers across Globe.

What is the Google Keyword Planner Tool?

Google keyword planner is the tool designed by Google AdWords in order to help users search and find relevant keywords fir their PPC campaigns. Although you are not doing PPC for your website, you can still use this awesome tool to help you research and get a list of most important keywords for your business. It is an official product of Google that gives a estimated traffic & related keywords.  For using keyword planner tool, you need to have a Google account. You can simply sign up for Google keyword planner tool from your Google account and start using the keyword planner tool.

Tips to find awesome tools using Google Keyword Planner

All you need to do is to login to your Google ad words account. when you do it, click on the tools and then select “keyword planner” from the drop down menu. In new ad words dashboard, you will find this option from planning => keyword planner tool. When you click on the keyword planner, you will see three different options as shown below.

Keyword planner screenshot 1

Now, let’s understand all of these three tools and how to use them to get accurate data.

  1. Search for New keywords using a phrase, website or category –

This is a great tool and it is widely used option among different tools provided by Google keyword planner.This keyword is good to find new keywords.  You need to understand it that this tool provides a list of keywords which are very close to the “seed keyword” so make sure that you are using the seed keyword very accurate according to your business.When you click on the feature “search for new keyword using phrase, website or category”, a list of options will be shown to you to fill several details as shown below –

keyword planner screenshot 2

Your product or service is the option where you put the seed keyword/s. we recommend you to use at least 2 keywords in this option so that you can see the best matched keywords for your campaign. You need not to use broad type keywords like “SEO” in fact you should use the keywords of two or three words that matches best for your business. For example, if you are a company to provide SEO, you put seed keywords like “SEO Services”, “Best SEO Company” etc.

Your Landing Page is the option primarily for ad words users who want to create ads for their landing pages however, you can still use this feature to see a list of specific keywords for you. All you need to do is to put your website address in this field.

Your product category is the option to allow you to get access to a vast collection of data of Google of different industry. It can be really important for you if you don’t get the desired keywords using the above two options.

Targeting is the option that gives you so many ways to get customized results.Keep in mind that these options are primarily set for US locations so if your business is not in the USA, you need to select your targeted country.  In this option, there is an option to add “negative keyword”. You can add this option if you want not to include keywords related to specific category. For example, if you are an SEO company and want to see a list of keywords so that you can get the ideas that what keywords are used by people to reach SEO company for getting SEO services, you can use “Career” or “Job” as the negative keyword so that people looking for jobs in SEO field will be excluded.

Customize to Search has so many features including “Keyword Filters”, “Keyword options” and “keywords to include”. The keyword filter allows you to filter keywords according to your preference for example, minimum monthly search option is to exclude keywords having less than a defined number of searches. Keyword option can be left blank. “keyword to include” is the option that is required if you want to include a specific keyword in all of the recommended keywords list. For examples, suppose you are selling pizza in a specific area, you can use “Pizza” in “only include keywords containing the following terms” option. So that all of suggested keywords will have Pizza word in common.

  1. Get search volume data and trends – This feature is not useful for you if you are seeking to get a list of keywords related to your services, however if you have a list of keywords already and if you want to see the search volume of each keyword, this option is for you. You can either paste the list of keywords or simply upload the CSV, TSV or Text files.
  2. Multiply keyword lists to get new keywords – This feature is really useful for big brands. If you are doing SEO or any other Digital Marketing for an ecommerce website, you can use this feature.It helps you understand every ways people use to find in Google using different key phrases.For example, suppose a car manufacturer has different cars and the cars have different colors, you can use “Multiply keyword lists to get new keywords” feature to see a list of keywords showing different combination of colors and cars people use to search in Google. All you need to do is to put color names in “List1” and “Car models/brands” in the “list2”. You will get to know the final list of keywords for you.

Final Words – There are several methods to find a list of suggested keywords but who has the data better than Google? The above steps are sufficient to search and make a list of great keywords for you. All you need to do is review the keywords and competition and select final list of keywords for you.

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