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How To Reach TOP-10 in a Few Months

When people start a new business, their main goal is always to drive as many conversions as possible. That is why they thoroughly investigate which niche they will be exploring and what basic steps will lead them towards TOP-10 they dream about.

Of course, the most important part of promotion is the initial phase when you do a detailed planning and choose the most preferable strategy that will lead you to an outstanding success. It is tricky to find out what set of actions will lead you to the desired TOP-10 in Google. But as you are flexible, you can still direct the marketing strategy to where you think you can gain the most.

So, let us investigate what factors influence search engine ranking and increase website traffic as for reaching TOP positions and increasing visitors’ flow.


Develop an attractive and easy website

The very first thing, before to promote a product or a service is to be reassured that it is of an excellent quality. That is why your website should be really competitive. That is how your potential buyers will be inspired and trustful. At the beginning services or products you are selling must be at the top of all expectations. They must be unique, universal, useful and engaging.

Your website should follow the same principles. At the development stage, think about the design. Make it visually appealing and use new tricks and technologies if possible. People are mostly attracted by overwhelming graphics that inspire to make conversions.

But never overuse graphics, try to be simple at the same time. Otherwise your website will have an extremely long downloading speed. Moreover, it will make the navigation heavy and unreachable for users. Do not forget that people always prefer something simple and nice that helps get what they want in two or three clicks. Each final product should be reachable not more than at three clicks.


Get your website optimized at a glance

As soon as the website is ready to be launched, it is high time to check the optimization. If you want to influence the very TOP of search results quickly, you should manage those works in less than two weeks. Here’s the checklist what should be done:

Technical errors fixing:duplicates of content and URLs, HTTP server headers, website speed, robots.txt and sitemap.xml generation, breadcrumbs, product markup, extended snippets.

Content errors fixing:extensive keywords research based on competitors, meta tags creation, optimized texts general, internal hyperlinking, blog creation and content generation.

Prepare the plan for your marketing campaigns

When you made it through the checklist to improve seo of your website, you need to create a global strategy for promotion. It must include all necessary channels where you think you will get more leads when driving traffic to your website.

It is not desirable to cover many channels. You will have to invest in each of them. And more you invest – more results you will certainly have. Try to choose not more than 2 channels for your first month of promotion and experiment with them.

If you see that one channel worked well while another one did not give any income, you can deviate the strategy for the next month. The stage of planning can only take a few days if you want to reach the goal fast.


Make your brand popularity grow rapidly

The most important way to increase site traffic is to spread the idea about your finding, service or product. During the first and second month try to cover as many channels and resources as you can. Some of them will work meanwhile others possibly will not. That is why it is important to use at least up to 50 different methods. Here’s what you can start with:

  1. Check free forums, Google+, Linkedin and Instagram and post the news about your service. Here are some of these from the mobile niche: Mobile App Developers, Android Apps, Unity 3D Enthusiasts. You will find much more depending on the area of your services. The first thing you should is register and start a vivid conversation or insert an engaging post. That would be the initial raising of interest. However, later on you should continue on a weekly basis with the most efficient forums and groups. That is how you consider which of them worked well and which did not.
  2. Check for free blogs and blog networks all around the web. Perhaps you will need to create some of them in order to see how to boost traffic.
  3. You should definitely try to post some press releases on Hubspot, Techcrunch and similar websites. Do not forget to share your posts on Quora and Soomla Answers.
  4. Be in constant search of topic-related communities always checking the amount of visitors they have and the region of their destination audience. That would be helpful to increase blog traffic.
  5. Motivate your designer or yourself (if you are in charge of all works for this project) to boost the creative process of infographics generation. That could be a really valuable source of visual content. People are mostly interested in images, tables and infographics where they can clearly see the structure, comparison.
  6. Never forget about the Youtube Channel and any source of video information you can promote. In order to win the competitors you should find the ways of easy promotion and results. Video searches usually tend to rank website higher if you videos are well-optimized and unique that could arise interest of your audience.
  7. The brand popularity it is not only the way how you advertise your brand but also the feedback. It is necessary to coordinate and change the strategy, fix errors you have on your website and respond to your followers’ needs. Also, the reviews made by people are counted by search engines in appointing your overall trust. So, try to build as many natural reviews as possible. Engage your clients and potential customers (who perhaps, heard about your service) to leave reviews. These could positive, negative and neutral reviews. All of them favor your brand expansionand help ranking website.


Focus on low-frequency queries – diversify your content

Whenever you are on the way towards promotion, you should definitely focus on building your keywords strategy. That is how your website will be stuck on TOP positions for most low-volume queries. There are thousands of low-frequency searches. Depending on your niche, there could be much more. Your task is to keep identifying which of them you can include into your website content. You can test the queries by changing their position and internal hyperlinking.

The very important thing to get traffic to your website is to keep track of those amendments and position changes as a result.If some words still do not work with this optimization but you think they are favorable, you can even insert them into external links but being very prudent.

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