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In an ever-changing world that has sped up significantly in the last several years with the advent of technology and global connections, continuing professional education is more important than ever. Employees that keep up with the latest IT advances, ‘big data’ and how to interpret it, and expand into professional growth areas in management and human resources, have the best chance to accelerate their career and become a vital asset to their organizations.


Many companies would like to provide easy online training and development courses for their employees, but are not sure how to get started with the right learning management system. It hasn’t always been easy to find LMS software that is simple to use, allows corporate training and online learning in a global classroom, has a flexible interface that allows them to upload personalized professional courses, and is affordable…until now.

Pro Learning Hub (PLH) is a new learning management system based in Oman that has a global presence. They’ve worked hard to build e learning software that makes learning impactful and easy to use and that connects engaging instructors from around the world with employees wishing to enhance their continuing professional education and learn new skills to help them get ahead in today’s workplace.

In this article I’m going to explore why continuing professional education is so important for today’s corporations, what types of new job skills have the biggest positive impact on your company, and what makes Pro Learning Hub stand out as an exceptional training and development resource.


Why Is Employee Training and Development Essential?

It’s easy to get comfortable in your normal day to day of work and home life and put things like corporate training on the back burner. You know the things that you want employees to be learning, but envisioning the work making a corporate e learning system a reality can make you tired just thinking about it.

But in today’s online digital world with online connections made at record speeds, it’s easier than ever to enrich the training the development of your employees without leaving the comfort of your office. And in this century…it’s absolutely essential if you want to grow your company, engage your workforce, and make great employees even greater.

Key reasons your company needs a Learning Management System:

 Employees that regularly increase their skills tend to move up the corporate ladder more quickly and become more valuable.

 Continuing education can promote positive self-esteem and keep your employees engaged and passionate about their career.

 Rapid advances in areas such as IT, iOS & Android App and Web development, or Marketing (big data, social media), make it vital to stay on top of new information.

 It’s cost effective. A learning management system, like Pro Learning Hub, is easy to implement, and there is no maintenance cost.

 Continuing professional education through e learning helps you attract great employees as well as retain them. Employees also tend to be more loyal to companies that invest in their professional development.

 Time management is essential in today’s work environment. Using an e learning system like Pro Learning Hub means that less time is spent with inefficient tools, and more time is spend learning new and helpful skills.


Top Skills Valued in Today’s Workplace

According to an article at Time’s “Money” website, the 21 most valued career skills in 2016 are:

Technical Skills

 Statistical Analysis System (SAS)
 Data Mining/Data Warehousing
 Search Engine Marketing (SEO)
 Data Modeling (interpreting Big Data)
 Software Development
 Customer Service Metrics
 SAP Material Management
 IT Security and Infrastructure
 Lean Manufacturing
 Forecasting
 Computer-Aided Design/Manufacturing
 Systems Troubleshooting

Soft Skills

 Contract Negotiation
 Strategic Project Management
 Strategic Planning
 Technical Sales
 Risk Management/Risk Control
 Financial Analysis
 Business Analysis
 Clinical Education
 New Business Development


Why Pro Learning Hub is the Best Choice for Your Ongoing Corporate Training and Development

What makes Pro Learning Hub stand out from other learning management systems? There are several key points, the first and foremost is the usability. The portal was created to be easy to navigate for both instructors and students, to put the emphasis on learning, where it belongs.

Additionally, this online learning platform is built to be completely customizable for you to upload any training, professional development, or certification courses that you have or you can also incorporate the professional courses offered by PLH into your corporate training.

Other main reasons why Pro Learning Hub (PLH) is your “go to “ resource for employee training:

Awesome Instructors and tutors – The interface is designed for simple, clear and crisp delivery of online classroom training content from anywhere on the globe, attracting the best professional teachers from every country around the world.

Virtual Agile Extension is Built In – PLH has always been passionate toward ‘Betterment of the Society’ so they’ve overcome many of the obstacles faced by other online platforms to make continuing education fast, easy, and engaging. You can easily upload any of your employee training content and have it delivered in minutes.

Both Technical and Soft Skills are Important – PLH knows that “soft skills” such as leadership and negotiation are just as important as technical skills like programing, IT, and app development, so their courses address all these areas to give you a full bodied catalogue of professional development courses.

Affordability and Trial courses – You won’t find this with most other online learning platforms….Pro Learning Hub offers trial classes so you can experience their LMS software and how it works for your organization.

Flexibility for Anywhere, Anytime Learning – You can offer employee training and development classes anywhere at anytime, so you can reach your employees no matter where they’re located at their convenience.

Quality Subjects to Enhance Your Employee Development – PLH is able to attract the best and most qualified instructors and is dedicated to providing quality courses, so you know that whatever subject you choose to offer for continuing professional education, you will be getting a high quality, enriching course with content that will further your employees’ knowledge in the subject and enhance their career.

Clear Path to Exceptional Professional Courses

One example that shows the clear path that is laid out for a course of learning is from their course for ITIL Service Life Cycles, which is structured around a service life cycle that consists of five phases. They include a simple diagram below for the course learning objectives.


Key Areas for Training and Development

PLH can give you everything you need to ensure you have a staff that is ready for the challenges of the 21st century. They know that it is just as important to keep your employees up to date on technical skills such as ITIL, Oracle HRMS, Telecom VSAT, C and C++ programing, Java, WordPress website development, iOS, Android, and Windows app development, and the server administration, as it is to train them on soft skills such as leadership, management, human resources (HR), team work and collaboration, conflict resolution, and problem solving. How to motivate employees is to keep them passionate and engaged.

How To Get Started

PLH makes it simple to get started on the path to professional employee development.

 Visit www.prolearninghub.com.

 You can review subjects currently being offered (new ones are added often).

 View “Trending Courses” to see which are most popular.

 Compare skilled tutors to pick ones that appeal to your needs and requirements.

 Try out their Free Interactive Whiteboard to see how engaging their LMS can be.

Contact PLH to get started right away with no obligation.

There is no question that continuing employee development and education is vital in today’s workplace and for an engaged and skilled workforce that will keep your company growing and moving forward. When you continue to develop the talent in your organization, everyone wins.

Finding a trusted partner like Pro Learning Hub, means you’re empowered to not only input any personalized training courses you like, but also choose those already existing in their course catalogue. And you know that you’ll be working with the best instructors from around the world, offering a secure educational environment for employees that is flexible, engaging and that provides them with the highest quality corporate training courses you can find.

There’s no better time like NOW to get started and see how easy continuing professional education can be.

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