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On Page SEO Tips 2017 for New Website

On-Page SEO Tips

On_pAge SEO Tips for New Website

“Anything that to you implement on website to make it perform better in search engines is called On-Page SEO”. After so many algorithms update by Google, SEO has significantly changed to fulfill Google guidelines. As you are looking to rank your website in 2017, here is some of important activities to practice to make your website search engine friendly.

Responsive Design and faster Loading Pages –

After Mobilegeddon update by Google in April 2015, It is the first requirement to have responsive design. For better SEO and user friendly experience, you need to make your website load faster. You can use this tool to test your website loading speed – https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

Responsive Design and faster Loading Pages

Unique Contents –

Google is up to the spam websites. You need to use contents of great quality for best results. Use SEO optimized articles on your website. You can check if your website pages are unique or not  through this simple tool – copyscape.com

Title, Alt and Meta Tags

There will be better CTR if you use keyword optimized title for your pages/posts. We should make sure that we are using targeted keywords in title tags. It is advised to use targeted keyword in the beginning of title, also you should not repeat title tags in different pages/posts in intension to rank higher. Title tag should be up to 55 characters.

Also, Every page/post needs to have meta description in order to help search engines understand about pages.  The meta description length should be 120-155 characters.

Alt tags help images rank higher in search engine’s image search results.

Please remember – Google shows the result in pixel limitations so use accurate tags accordingly.

SEO Friendly Urls

You need to make keyword targeted – SEO friendly urls. You should use dash (-) between words because Google reads the dash as space. So if you want to rank your website for “Pizza Store London”, you can use the pattern as – www.xyz.com/pizza-store-london

Heading Tags

You should use h1 to h6 headings to highlight important headings and sub headings. You need to use h1 tag to most important heading. It is recommended not to use more than h1 tag on a page, however you can use other tags more than once.


This one is important to link pages through content as much as possible. You need to give link to keywords present in a content of website. If you are using any external link in the content, you should rel=”nofollow” tag.

Image SEO

If you use one good and unique image to your website, this will increase value of your page. Use effective Title and Alt Tags for better performances. You need to rename images before uploading.  You need to upload lighter images to open website pages fast.

Keyword Density

You should use main keyword in first and last paragraph. Remember you need not to use keyword density more than 1.5%. you should use bold, underline important keywords in the content. Here is the official Matt Cutts comment over Keyword density –


Keyword Density

Robots.txt/.htaccess files

robots.txt and .htaccess files are helpful in many ways. Through robots.txt, you can instruct Google what to crawl what to not, however through .htaccess file, you can overcome several SEO issues with your website.

Word counts per page

It’s not needed to write lengthy content each time however, you should not write contents below 400 words. Try to write engaging contents in your website that will be helpful to users and search engines. If you write contents of good length, your website pages will have better search queries.

Reading Level –

Reading level explains how easier or hard is to understand the content pages. There are different category of people on the Internet ranging from nursery students to senior citizens. If you write articles like “Legal Documents” a few people will love to read your contents because a normal reader doesn’t love to read those level of articles.

If you are using WordPress as CMS of your website, you can find reading level of your content through SEO by Yoast Plugin. You will see an option of “Flesch Reading Ease Test” and this is what we want to let you know. A score better than 50 is considered as great as it is easily understood by 8 to 10th class of students. You can read more about Flesch Reading Test through this Wikipedia article – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flesch%E2%80%93Kincaid_readability_tests#Flesch_Reading_Ease

When you search a topic in Google, there is an option to see articles based on reading level. Google prefers to show the articles which can be easily understood by most of the readers. So its recommended to write articles in simple language.

404 Error Page

Try to redirect all deleted URLs to related working URls. Also you should make a good 404 error page for better experience of users who came to your website through broken URLs.

Use Content related Videos  –

If you use Images to your website, It will increase keyword density through alt tags plus it increases the overall quality of your content. In the same way, if you use videos to your website content, it will increase over all content quality of website.

The other point is –  average time by the users on a website is very important when it comes to rank pages higher in SERP. If you use good videos, people will spend more time on your website. the bounce rate will be lowered, that will help your website get good results.

HTTPS is preferred

The Hyper Text Transfer Protocol ensures that a website is highly secured and it can’t be hacked. Not mandatory but if you use HTTPS over HTTP, That will be great as HTTPS is one of the ranking factors.

Final Words

On-Page SEO purpose is to make SEO and User friendly websites. By following above mentioned tricks, you can improve overall quality/SEO score of your website.

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