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Importance of Social Media Apps

Social media remains as one of the most patronized tools in communicating with other people other than actual personal communication. It has grown immensely since the start of the age of digitalization, or the rise of the Internet in the 1990s and continues to be an influential force in the online world. With this growth, current innovations continue to create opportunities for social media and their potential in modern day phenomena.

The advancement of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and other social media networks prove a lot about the evolution of society we are currently living in. The ability to communicate with loved ones and other people have become digital and long distance in a way that people can talk to anyone they want at any place they may be as long as they have the proper tools that would enable them to do so, in this case, a social media platform and an internet connection.






What has made social media such a strong force as it is today? The secret lies in the people who patronize the site. Famous sites such as Facebook have effectively utilized its service to the people by keeping up with its promise of bringing people together even when they’re not physically there with them. The deliverance of this service, the introduction of various features, and the continuous efforts in maintaining this service keeps people coming back.

There are countless of websites that provide access to people but fail in retaining them before they forget about it. Unfortunately it might be because the site is inefficient in providing expected service to its users or sometimes people just don’t think that the site is something to look forward to in accessing them in their daily lives.


What are the biggest social media sites out there? As everybody is familiar with, Facebook is the biggest social media tool that there currently is. It spans 1.65 billion users worldwide and is used everyday by people from all walks of life. It connects people, creates groups, helps with marketing, and provides connections where they are needed.

People can easily chat with one another or by groups through its built-in chat options. Groups can be created with any member you may customize it to have. Events can also be planned where reminders are available to use in case the date comes near. There are a lot of potential for Facebook and it is actively utilizing them.

Marketing has also entered the stage in Facebook as it continuously evolves as the world’s most famous social media platform. As there are tons of constant users out there, it’s no wonder that advertisements are taking advantage of the traffic.

Through the site, there are multiple options to promote an event, product, activity, or service as it has multiple tools to let you select how you advertise, what you’ll promote, and most importantly, it provides you the most relevant search results towards the right people to connect with for the highest potential conversion from visitor to customer.


Twitter is also a famous site where people post brief messages and share different posts via retweeting. It is a famous platform because of its simplicity and ease of use, wherein lies its charm.

Famous celebrities and influential people come to ‘tweet’ out their opinions, messages, shout-outs, and even advertise anything under the sun. People may also check out what’s trending at the Twitterverse and discover what’s new or what’s currently in place.

This social media powerhouse currently has 310 million active users with tweets reaching up to 300 million per day and may go up or down depending on the world’s current events. It is very engaging and easy to use that attracts users to its fast-paced tweet, retweet, like, and reply.

New studies regarding this social media platform claim that using Twitter as a forum for discussion increases participation from shy students and also creates a relaxed atmosphere for stress-free interactions. The use of Twitter is also said to promote creating connections for students as it is an effective medium for informal conversations.

As much as there are users, advertisements also entered the Twitterverse for its massive appeal to people. Promoting in Twitter is effective when you have a page of your own to advertise. Through this, the promoted page is shown at the timeline, or as promoted accounts at the ‘who to follow’ box

Targeting a demographic is also possible with the available tools to choose your target audience depending on their preferences. You may then choose your campaign objective to state whether you want more followers, clicks, twitter engagements, promotion of app installations, or acquisition of email leads. This helps specify your objective at the end of your chosen timeframe and will ultimately help in either conversions or statistics.


Tumblr, on the other hand, is a blogger’s best friend. It lets people talk about their life on their own personalized space and lets others join in when they can by liking it, commenting on it, or reblogging it. People come here to enjoy what others blog about may it be pictures, quotes, videos, or just simple gifs.

The charm in this platform is the wide array of personifications available that differentiates one user from the other. In that way, users have their own spaces. It is an excellent microblogging site that lets users connect to other users and create content on their own depending on whatever they have in mind.

It is a very unique site that varies in content and lets users enjoy various media including readable content, pictures, and videos and range in different topics under the sun that may be followed for subscriptions, taking customization of profile and people’s preferable content to its full potential.

Tumblr is also being utilized in the education sector as a platform for online education as a course website. Through Tumblr, users may post as much content as possible and connect with people who use the site as well. It is an effective method of reaching out to students and people living far away to quality content and a potential source for connections.

Search engine optimization is a familiar term among web entrepreneurs as it denotes the assurance of being placed on the top of a search results option on the internet’s search engine. This appeals in Tumblr because as opposed to other social media platforms, this site appears more frequent as it is accessible directly from the web. Marketers may use this to promote their own Tumblr pages to advertise products, services, and even events.


Besides from the informal approach of social media, there are also famous professional sites such as LinkedIn. As its name suggests, it helps link you out to other people and is a great way for people to learn about you professionally as its development had business and professionalism in its core.

As it connects to people, LinkedIn focuses on the development of a person in the professional world and helps create more professional networks. You can also keep yourself up to date in the latest business and industry news of your choice and possibly find your next step in the advancement of your professional world.

There are various tools you can use to perfectly showcase yourself in LinkedIn and there are multiple groups to help you search the perfect job and meet the right people for the best possible work search, and potentially, application. There are also suggested apps by LinkedIn that amplifies the experience where you may enhance your resume, identify and create more related connections, and learn about different things that may help you present yourself to potential work.

What makes LinkedIn much sought after is the high reliability to find what and who you are looking for. After creating an account that basically becomes your resume, you get to find people who have connections to what you are looking for, if they aren’t the exact people already. It makes searching for work or business partners easier through the use of social media professionally.

The benefits are limitless where professional connections are concerned.

  • You can have find work through direct contacts
  • Earn recommendations
  • Attract traffic to your site
  • Build strong and lasting relationships through connections
  • Gain access to experts through common interests or groups
  • Stay in the loop in the professional world, and
  • Connect to more people who have the most chance of engaging with you than the common social media.

Be sure to effectively utilize all the available tools from the site in order to have the best results to connecting with other people. Some of the great tools to check out include:

  • LinkedIn Ads to promote your advertisements through different filters for maximum results
  • LinkedIn Content Marketing where you may post different content and engage with your connections similar to Facebook posts but on more professional standing
  • LinkedIn Job Search App that lets you look for the perfect job at the perfect place
  • LinkedIn Pulse App to let you in on the current top and latest stories on the blogging platform, Pulse, and
  • LinkedIn Premium Mobile Apps, where you may recruit conveniently with prospects and get real-time update from leads and accounts, and build reputation through sharing quality content.


Another gem for social media apps, WhatsApp is technically a cross-platform messenger in its development. Connecting people by exchanging messages without having to worry about charges that may apply, you can send and share files, videos, and photos, at no cost at all.

To utilize this messenger, an Internet data plan or Wi-Fi connectivity is needed but other than that, it is very easy to use. Most people prefer this over other messaging apps due to its flexibility of use on other phones as it can still run on some feature phones.

Through the app, it uses the active contacts on your phone so that you may contact other friends with the application and connect with them instantly for free. You may also opt to share your contact – a feature other apps don’t have – to create more connections. For some people, WhatsApp is a better and easier to use application compared to others.

There are great features in WhatsApp that you can utilize for optimal use.

  • You can see when messages are exactly read
  • Create shortcuts for contacts that you have
  • Take note of the amount of data you’re using
  • Save messages on your phone or tablet, and
  • Pay for a friend to use the application where it isn’t free.

These features maximize application usability and allow easier access for more people to use conveniently for messaging friends and family alike.

With all the different and evolving platforms developing nowadays, there are a lot of options to let you choose what fits best with your preferences. These applications are all unique in their own way so they have their own set of users who patronize each site. But with all of these social media platforms, one might think that aren’t they hard to access only through their websites? This is where social media apps come in.

So what is a social media app? As made possible through the advancement and growth of phones and tablets, social media has evolved from just being accessible through websites to being available as applications for the handheld devices. These apps make it easier to open the platform compared to being accessible only through a web browser as they have their own application to instantly lead users to their main site.

What are the benefits of a social media app? The benefits vary from user to user. The most common advantage of having a social media app is the ease of access for the site. Some people tend to use apps compared to opening up web browsers simply because it is much easier to do so.

Opening up Google or Safari may take time and opening up the page by then is also difficult compared to opening it on the site itself. Another major reason is the features that the app version has compared to the web version, whereas the latter one is usually harder to navigate. The various features introduced into the application versions of the different social media platforms makes it much more preferable compared to the website version. There are notifications, pop-ups, reminders, and much more when taking advantage of the app versions features.


How important is a social media app? With people constantly moving through their lives, portability and accessibility comes as a game-changer when it comes to usability by people. Most of the time, the ones who use these apps are really busy and on-the-go type of people wherein apps come off as more handy than accessing them through browsers. However, even people who aren’t busy take pleasure in the existence of these apps because sometimes, opening up other sites may be more inconvenient compared to just pressing the one that directly links you to the social media platform.

The features offered by the various apps are also effective in bringing people towards them compared to browsers. Notifications, automatically logged in accounts, customized menus that are optimized for the phones and tablets, and the various optimizations that make the app more fitting for the handheld devices are very likeable and bring people towards downloading these apps as they see the advantage of getting them in the long run.

What are the technologies and potentials of social media apps? As there are vast differences between apps and web-based versions, the innovations in social media apps are currently co-dependent on the technologies seen at the browser versions of the site


There are ongoing developments for technology on social media including virtual reality by Facebook through Oculus, and live-streaming through the same site. In-app shopping is also on the works for some sites as this will make the activity easier as it appears on the site rather than going away first.

The potentials continue to rise and these platforms continue to make use of it through the various growth and shifts in technology that the world sees today. Social media apps have gone from options to highly-suggested versions of the platform that they are using due to the immense amounts of perks and advantages there are available. With this continuous streak, the importance of social media apps may one day become a necessity in such a way that they are usable in situations where we may not think they are for now.

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