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Implementing Twitter Marketing Effectively

Social media has become more of a Marketing Tool than of a Social Tool. And if you have an online business and you don’t know this yet, you are losing a vast potential of driving traffic, meaningful traffic to your website. When it comes to Twitter, some regards it as more important than of Facebook. Considering the niche of your business or marketplace, it can even outdo Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn in acquiring potential customers and building value for your business.

Small Businesses and Medium Businesses have taken more out of Twitter Marketing than of the Large Organizations out there. The Large Organizations have been able to found the exposure but their ROI (Return on Investment) of Twitter is less compared to the Statistical ROI of Small Businesses and Medium Businesses.

05Now, we wanted to make this clear early in our blog post as most of the existing online businesses don’t know these facts.

Whether you are an Individual who knows your goal or a small to medium sized business, Twitter offers you effective results in Digital Marketing if you can implement the strategies perfectly.

So, how do you implement Twitter Marketing?


Actually there is no hard and fast rule. And there is no single strategy that can be copied and pasted to drive out the desired results from Twitter. But there are some basic tips which will help you to build your dream Twitter Marketing Strategy.

As per the Twitter Business the five Tweeting Tips that you must know, are:

  • Keeping it Short
  • Using visuals (If Applicable)
  • Incorporating relevant hashtags
  • Asking questions or engaging through polls
  • Retweeting appreciations and getting back to tweets with a reply

Twitter also reveals why these things are the basics and why any niche who wants to get started with Twitter to expand their business, needs to know this.

But we are also going to provide you with our short snippet to acquaint you with these basics.

Many people have complained till now about the character limit of the Tweets in Twitter. As of July 2016, Twitter allows a character limit of 140 characters. So, you have a very short space to send your message. But this is what the Businesses love about twitter. Businesses and Organizations as well as Professional Individuals want to be as specific as possible and they want to send the message clearly to their audience/followers.

That’s why it takes creativity and thought. It’s only 140 characters. Each 140 characters have the potentials of taking your business to the next level. While most businesses have managed the art and hired a Twitter Manager from the whirlpool of the Freelancing Market, some business niches have found that the tweets get liked and retweeted double the times when a picture or a preview of a post is added with it. And that is why the royalty free images have got so much exposure in the last couple of years.

Now, why is it so important to develop the habit of adding relevant Hashtags?

Your customers are smart people. They don’t just search for any particular term. Rather they go deep and use specific hashtags to find out results. So, if you are able to incorporate the right hashtags, your post is going to appear right at the top if you are tweeting your heart out with the right hashtag. For example: if you are selling a course which teaches people to Build Websites, the most probable hashtag is going to be something like: #WebsiteBuildingCourse, #LearnToMakeAWebsite. Even there are tools in the market with which you can check the data for a particular hashtag and incorporate the ones which is most appropriate to add on your Tweets and see your twitter stats grow.


Twitter is not only about getting likes and getting retweets. It also make sense to engage the customers and you have to have a conversation with them to create the active social presence of your business. In that case you don’t want to reach out everyone via Inbox with a generic message and end up in being blocked. The best practice is to gather valuable insights by asking questions and running polls which will not only interest the followers but also provide valuable insights for you to take your business ahead.

So, you have gone through the basics. Now what comes next?


There is a lot of hype going on about Twitter Marketing and people are sharing their own strategies as if that was the only strategy! We don’t want you to fail and we want you to hack your way through the success by breaking all the barriers. And that is why in spite of coming with a blueprint which might apply to a particular niche only, we want you to reveal the secrets that every business, professional individual or organizations use side by side of the basics. It’s time to get to know with the growth hacking twitter secrets.

The identifiable secrets that we have found are:

  • The aspect of Market Identity
  • Defining Ideal Prospect
  • Scheduling the Tweets
  • Using Twitter as A platform to deliver quick Customer Support

We don’t want to bombard you with a lot of information and that is why we have kept it short and presented the above 4. Though we had identified lots of other terms, we kept it limited so that everybody can get their fair share of value from this article.

No matter in which industry or niche you are in, you need to identify your market. And you need to identify it before starting your twitter profile. Besides, you also need to define the ideal prospect. An ideal prospect is an avatar which reflects your ideal customer. Now, if you know the time zone of your customers, you can schedule the tweet so that it reaches their homepage in the right time. You can’t expect your followers to read your tweet in the middle of the night or just when people are getting ready for their office. Besides, by replying to any of the queries of your follower made on Twitter, you can take Twitter as your customer Support and deal with it without hiring an extra team for the customer support and ask your social media manager to deal with it.

So, using the set of basics and the secrets which are applicable regardless of your business niche, what would be your ideal strategy?

If you don’t want to share it with us, we don’t want to push you to reveal your secret. But however, if you want to share anything with us and if you want to add anything to this article, just submit a comment on the comment section of this blog post and we will get back to you with the shortest possible timeframe.

Till then, keep learning new skills and keep taking your career ahead. If you want to read more interesting stuffs about other social media or social media as a whole instead of focusing on a particular platform like Twitter, you can read our blog post How To Boost Traffic With Social Media.

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