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How To Be A Good Manager

How to be a good business manager? How to choose a perfect leader for your future company? In modern world there is so much ambiguity among people. Sometimes a person does not show the main manager qualities that usually help to become and to keep this position. Managers are social leaders and particularly strong people. But if we talk about good manager qualities, there are strict principles of where these people come from and what main characteristics they have.

So, let’s investigate together how to be a manager, to become a leader capable to build up a successful business. You can easily adhere all these features if you work hard and invest many efforts into self-development as a business leader. Be ready to meet bad luck and disappointment. If you are honest to yourself and to others, you will always get what you want. Just be as follows:

Emotionally strong


It is something that you get with your temperament when you are born. Then you develop it throughout the whole life facing different situations and overcoming confrontation. Together with this unique life experience your emotional strength becomes your advantage and, later, your weapon. Not many leaders are distinguished by emotional stability and peace in all life conditions. Try to concentrate on positive aspects of every situation and learn when you are pushed hard. That is how a real leader is being born. Now, the way you keep it will reflect all your future deals and fortune.


When you did enough yoga and meditation to achieve peace and strength it is time to find and develop this important feature. Only self-confident leaders can move masses of people towards the goal they intent to follow. Your employees certainly feel the state you are in and your overall capability to persuade others. Nobody will allow another person to be a leader if there is not enough respect towards this person. People are very cautious and often mistrustful. When building your own business your task is to incite the others that you are a chief and a ruler of the affair. You can do it by showing the best cases of your work or by acting in a good, confident manner. Be ready to front the opposition of those malicious insiders who always appear when a new leader is being emerged.



All noteworthy companies and affairs were thoroughly planned beforehand. Imagine how much time is spent on building strategical plans and calculating expenses before the mission was even started. Organized matters become more successful than spontaneous ones if we are talking about business world. Try to learn from your competitors and your guru. Never lose organization because of disappointment, sorrow or irritation. The emotional strength will help you to overcome those malicious states of mind.

Being organized will favor in everything you do: from daily morning activity to global plans for the future. It will allow your mind be prosperous and lead you to the victory. It wakes up self-consciousness and stirs up the motivation. Following your own system of values and organization can be a good basis for becoming a forerunner.

Delegate tasks

The highest level of a professional manager shows the ability to trust the employees. Only the leaders who made their way through real self-development can delegate tasks and base their business strategy on high values. When someone builds a small enterprise, with time the amount of duties comes over the limit and new people must be found to build up the affair.

Real sense of trust and teamwork is what a good manager should acquire on its way towards his company expansion. The selection for tasks delegation follows a strict plan and tendency. People chosen for tasks delegation are the most reliable ones who can cope with each task.



A successful manager is never afraid or doubted to make decisions and he does it really fast. At times few minutes of delay cause substantial and irreplaceable damage for company. However, bad and unlucky decisions may also be taken fast. A well-balanced decision-making is what each business is searching attributes of a manager. That is why most tests include psychological and logical tasks.


It is a part of the nature that reveals to be wiser than the whole people’s intelligence. Being flexible is a plus for a good manager, of a small company or a large corporation. Why it is so necessary to grow up pliability as a feature?

  1. You will generate plans in a more efficient way and really fast. Outside conditions will not be a barrier to positive results of your undertaking.
  2. You will be ready to face misunderstanding from the part of your employees as well as injustice of your partners or unexplainable luck of your competitors.
  3. Plan deviations, resource and budget calculations will be done internally as a part of a big scenario. No extra time will be spent on distracting and useless things as your flexible mind will draw routes of correct actions from beyond enormous possibilities.


Unfortunately or not, a real boss must be strict and unbending. It is difficult to find a balance between flexibility and severity. But without the last one, the leader would less much of respect and self-confidence (important good manager skills described above). You should absolutely be severe when:

  1. You are stimulated to unfollow the plan;
  2. Your partners’ actions could make the company lose its value and brand name;
  3. You feel pressure from the side of your employees;
  4. You are provoked to mix emotional and business aspects;
  5. You feel like you are not ready to proceed for some reason.

Anyway, there are much more situations where you have to be strict. We just enumerated a few of them. In order to keep and improve this attitude, leadership involves switching up consciousness and cold mind.


It is the only feature that is acquired during the period being a great manager. It is not something you are expected to have initially. True wisdom grants you a global feeling and intuition within the framework of your business. It happens when you already know lots of things inside the niche and went through basic steps of business growth while becoming a manager.

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