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Difference between WordPress and Magento


When you are selling products or services online, you need a website with all essential features that you need while pursuing your marketing goals. The online market is huge and it holds enormous customers, your accomplishments in such virtual world would be more fruitful the real world. So, when you seeking for online customers then you must be left sure that your website is capable of coping with the contemporary marketing fray.


The first step to building a website starts with purchasing a domain, which is mandatory. But the most confusing step to construct a website is to choose right CMS. An appropriate CMS strictly depends on one’s need. This article is contrasting the perks and dark phases of prominent CMS Magento and WordPress.

The main concern for the website owners is to perform seamless to their visitors and impress them to transform into customers. So, if you are seeking for same accomplishments, then you have to be precise and careful right from the beginning.

Both Magento and WordPress are powerful CMS but their effectiveness varies with the requirements. Let’s talk about the appropriation of these CMS for different websites:

E-commerce Website:


Selling products online requires different setup and functionality than an ordinary website. Seamless performance and SEO-friendly is just the basic part of an e-commerce website, one has to ensure many things along with such features.

WordPress is suitable for a content-centered website where you have to convince the visitors with words and graphs, on the other hand, Magento appears to be the most viable framework for building large-scale website holding thousands of products. Moreover, its ability to generate aninvoice, setting up limitless, managing order history, seamless check out and many others. However, you can also get these features using WordPress plugins, but since you need complete control over your web store, you must opt for Magento.

Technically, there are lots of variations in an e-commerce website. Selling products online can only be possible with afaithful website that flawlessly performs before your customers. The above discussion is not apprising Magento as the only choice for ecommerce. And WordPress stands far back in therace, if you are building an ecommerce website then you need to be sure what kind of website you need, and precisely how often you’ll add or modify the content.
As, it is already mentioned that we are skipping basic needs of a website in this section, as having an ecommerce website is far bigger than an ordinary website. So, mobile friendliness and other features are already considered in the list.

Blogging and Informative websites:

In 2003, WordPress was launched for bloggers but now they are appropriate for every other website. Whenever it comes to create a content-rich website, WordPress has the crown. If you have a limited budget and you need a professional website to demonstrate your ideas and introduce your services and business, then WordPress is the best option.

Small Business websites:

Whether you are selling foods to limited location or have taxi business in a city. You need a website in this century. WordPress comes with enough features to satisfy the online need of such business. But you can also go for Magento for more robust and flawless web experience.

Directory website:

A directory website needs different website applications, both WordPress and Magento offers a robust and flexible platform for directory website. Both have essential plugins that come free. However, at some point, WordPress is simple and robust than other options.

Perks of using WordPress and Magento as CMS:

SEO-friendly: Eventually, every website seeks for its popularity. But a website has to capable of fulfilling the criteria of an ideal website. Both Magento and WordPress are SEO-friendly,you can get free SEO-plugins to enhance your website performance over the internet.

Easy Installation: None of them needs any technical skills to install, you may have installed a software in your computer, and the installation of these CMS are similar. All you need to do is to follow some steps and the CMS will successfully install.

Plugins: Both of them offer numerous plugins, which will improve your website performance and allow you to add extra features on your website. For instance, if you need a contact form on your website, whichconnects the visitor to you, then rather write thelong script of codes, you can simply install a plugin. If you talk about free plugins, then WordPress has little more numbers than Magento.

Themes: You can find number templates to choose from. A theme plays important role in the performance and visual of a website. Both CMS offers numerous themes and facilitates the users to craft them according to their needs.

Technical Supports: Since both of the CMS are prominent and widely celebrated, you easily find authentic advice to shoot your troubles. When you struck at some point while creating your website then by just searching the trouble into the search engines box, the result will come up with numerous assistance for your concern.

Multiple language support: It is important for online business owners to communicate with their customers fluently. And nothing as much fluent communication as to communicate with them in their native language. Both of the CMS offers major languages availed in the world.

Both Magento and WordPress are the need of the hour. Whether you need a website just to have a web addressor a powerful web performance to get a significant amount of buyers; your solution lies underneath somewhere in Magento and WordPress.

Before you opt for a specific CMS, you should estimate your future needs and comprehend the successful website similar to the one you are creating. A good research in such condition always saves you from making mistakes and getting better website experience.

Magento is widely recommended for selling products online as the features it offers to enhance the capability of such website. On the other hand, WordPress is suitable for all those websites that need better website experience. However, both CMS is updated day by day to enhance user experience.

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