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HTML5 Course

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HTML5 is the 5th version of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), which is regarded as the standard language of the web. HTML5 provides an open web platform to develop applications across multiple platforms with access to device capabilities. It is now also supported on mobile phones, game consoles, and various types of digital devices. The code written in HTML5 is often considered write once and deploy anywhere.

The course is designed to teach you new features that were introduced in HTML5 for website developers. You will gain knowledge of basic HTML tags and new tags of HTML5.  This course will teach you how to create websites in HTML5. The course also covers the advanced concepts of HTML5 including multimedia, web storage, and geolocation. This course will cover all the techniques and tricks that you need to write a great web page and application. The main topics covered are:

  • HTML5 syntax and structuring elements
  • HTML5 multimedia
  • Animating graphics with the Canvas element
  • Interactions with video
  • HTML5 Forms
  • JavaScript APIs

The content of the course is explained in a simplified but yet powerful way. This course is extremely beneficial for web developers and web designers. We provide you best examples and assessments with chapter end questions and quizzes.

So, Register yourself with ProLearning Hub today and get the benefits of HTML5 course.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand and learn new HTML5 tags
  • Learn to use audio and video tags effectively
  • Learn to draw and animate web graphics
  • Understand the new HTML5 form features
  • Acquire skills to test basic APIs such as geolocation and web storage
  • Learn to develop web applications with HTML5 in an effective way

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