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Choosing best CMS Platforms



It was always difficult to build different websites with the ability to be updated regularly. Now different CMSs are helping business owners get websites as they want. They can easily update websites and make some changes as per their requirements. The most popular CMS platforms are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Not only these platforms are free but also they are open source CMS platforms that means the code used for these CMS engines are open to the public. If you have the knowledge you can easily customize, edit the file codes so that you can give the look and function as you want on a website.

Which CMS Platform is right for you?

The answer of this question depends on so many factors. It clearly depends upon your needs. For example, if you are a Blogger, WordPress can be a great Idea however, building a wordpress website for an ecommerce store will not be a nice idea. So keeping in mind to help you choose the best platform for your website, Here is a list of points that need to keep in mind in order to select the best CMS platform for your business website.

Know Your Requirements – Before you choose a CMS platform for your website, it is important for you to know your requirements. Different CMS platforms are build for different purposes so it is important for you to know your exact requirements so that you can choose the CMS which gives you the functionalities to fulfill your needs.

Mobile responsive – After Mobilegeddon update by Google, It is very important for you choose the platform in which one can build responsive website so that users from mobile devices can browse the website smoothly.

Determine Your Budget – Everything depends on your requirement and the budget. Set your budget for your requirements. Make sure that if you are paying extra, that is for complex feature that you need for your business.

Ease to USE – The main motto of using CMS for a website is that one can make some changes on website easily. So make sure that the CMS you are using has easy customizing options. Everything can be done by Admin panel itself without any coding knowledge.

Scalability and Performance – The CMS should be scalable that means the performance of website should not go down if it grows. It is very important for a business to choose a website that can maintain its performance even if more data is uploaded.

SEO friendly matters – A website needs to be SEO optimized for getting good presence in search engines. You check for different SEO tools the CMS is providing so that you can make your website super SEO friendly.

Service and Support should be excellent – Carefully know the support services of the CMS so that they can meet your needs. A good service support helps you fix any issue on your website.

Security  – Security is essential for your business. Are the pages that you published on your website are secured? Also, you need to make sure that the backend of the website is secured so that hackers can’t just logged in and make changes on your website as they want.

Templates Availability – There should be an array of templates and customizable options so that you can change the look of your website as you want.

Top 5 CMS Platforms to build a website –

There are thousands of content management systems available and here is a list of top choices  –

WordPress –  Wordpress is one of the widely used CMS in the world, used for millions of websites all over the world. It supports thousands of third party plugins and ad-ons which are helpful to fulfill many requirements. Also, it supports an array of different templates so that you can get the desired look of your website in an easy way.

wordpress 1

Since, wordpress is a popular CMS platform, there is a wide range of blogs, community and support forums from where, you can get help fix the issues you are getting. Even wordpress has it’s own discussion forums and it also offers email supports.

In the starting, It was known as a “Blogging platform” only  but today, it is widely used for any types of business websites. Still if you are a Blogger or your website is representing small business, choosing wordpress can be the wide decision.

Magento – The Magento CMS is  used mainly for creating attractive and super user as well as search engine friendly eCommerce websites. It provides so many great templates that can be used to create awesome eCommerce websites. Magento has so many features as it is mainly developed to build eComemrce websites.  You can use multiple variants or attributes, advanced paid tools, creating product catalog and implementing watermark on the images.


Magento has thousand users, so many support forums and all, It has over 3000 trained solution partners who can help you fix any type of help you need. It is strongly recommended to use Magento if you want to develop a website for your eCommerce business requirements.

Drupal – It is a good content management system used to help experienced designers create nice websites that can handle a large number of traffic volume. The CMS is so flexible that you can start a website like a simple blog and then you can make it a site with heavy functionalities. The only issue with Drupal is that it is not for new web designers and web developers as it needs some decent coding skills. However it supports some modules and ad-ons but still it is not as easy as some other CMS platforms are like – wordpress. Drupal offers a highly active CMS community where one can visit and get helped.

Joomla – Joomla is an open source CMS which is designed for developers and designers who can do some coding works other than being dependant on website builder only. The CMS works great for small businesses that want to have a website that looks stunning with some unique features.  It is not a quick website builder but you can still implement as many functionalities as you want.

Final Words – Selection of best CMS completely depends of an individual needs.  If you want to develop an ecommerce website, Magento can be the best option however, for blogging and small business website needs, WordPress is considered as the best. Drupal and Joomla can be the top choice if you want some unique specialties that can’t be found in wordpress.


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