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Benefits Of Blogging Every Business Owners should Know



Blogging is considered among safest method of Off-Page SEO and this is why Most of businesses are doing it to get maximum advantages. In a recent survey by Hubspot & B2B marketers, Businesses are getting 67% more leads than those that don’t do Blog Posts. Blogging increases trust and long term relationship with customers and apart from this, it provides complete information for the queries your customers are looking for. So when your site becomes trusted source of knowledge, people will keep visiting your website and prefer to get services from you only. All you need to do is to use unique Images, Articles and Videos for best results. As per requirement, you can add third party videos too to make your content juicy and to increase average visit time as well.

Blogging on regular basis is most economical way to get better search queries, better traffic, better leads and to attract more potential customers to your Business. The benefits of blogging are ultimate if it is done in right way. While the things sound great, It’s a cup of tea for everybody. You need to give proper time, patience and quality for getting the results you are expecting for. You need to write great articles, promote them over top sites, build a large number of audiences, all this take time. But what is truth that, nothing is easy now as competition is everywhere. You need to do in a proper way, and we are sure that results will keep improving from beginning.

Benefits of Blogging for a Business Website


Boost SEO

Organic traffic is considered the best. So who doesn’t want to get maximum un-paid visitors? Search Engine Optimization is to help websites found in search engine’s results. By posting effective contents under the blog section, you help your site get found for maximum search queries. If your website will have more traffic with good bounce rate and CTR, Your site’s DA & PA will increase too (Very crucial for 1st page ranking in Google.)
There are many procedures to follow in Off-Page SEO, if you are not good experienced in Search Engine Optimization, there is high chance to get some Spammy tactics followed. But if you posting blog posts on regular intervals, there is no need to worry about any type of penalties as Blogging is an “Evergreen SEO Method” to get better results for a long time.

Brand Building –

Companies are investing millions of dollars on brand building through ads but why not to ignore “Blogging”? Everybody trust Google. So if your blog posts will be found in search results for thousands of search queries, people will get benefitted and They will consider your business as reliable, trustworthy.

Boost SMO

During Social Media Optimization process, Social Media Profiles/Pages need to get updated on regular intervals. Blog posts help in this case as you can share latest articles and start getting better social media presence though more shares and comments. Also your website can get more leads from social media platforms.

Content Freshness

If you post blog posts on regular intervals, there is no need to worry about content freshness. Your website will be updated automatically with unique posts. Also, you can embed latest post on related pages of your website to keep pages updated with related posts for better search engine optimization of your website. Interlinked pages help site to perform better.

Results are for Long Time


Unlike Paid services like PPC, results through blogging services last for a long time. You don’t pay for each click plus you can target as much keywords as you want. It’s an economical yet effective method to get better leads. A continuous blogging process will keep your website to get found by many of the visitors.

Opportunities to Contribute

You can invite your employees or audiences to contribute under blog section. Not only this, if they share or do comments on your blog posts or social media profiles/pages, it is good way to increase brand value and number of leads.

Develop Relationship with Customers

Through Blog posts you build better relationship with your customers. You can follow their “Comments” and reply to help them fulfill their queries. Doing this will help you build trust and get to know what customers are looking for. Through Blogging you can convert visitors into customers by putting several “call to action” activities.

Market Research

Having large number of blog posts will help you understand what customers really want. You can see the popular posts and get to understand what Visitors viewing the most. Also you can get feedback from the audience to understand what are expecting.

Increases Average Time/Reduces Bounce rate

There are many ranking factors and having good average time is one among them. You can write descriptive articles to help visitors read the article and understand the thing better. Also, You can show them “Related Posts” or “Popular Posts” to let them stay on website for a longer time.

Establish you as Market Leader

Blog posting gives opportunities to show your knowledge and talent to the world. If you do blogging in a great manner, you will help thousands of visitors as your writings will help them to solve/understand their queries. A good blog will raise your company’s image and if you keep posting so many quality/helpful posts, you can make your image as “Market Leader”.
Increases List of Emails – Through Blogging you use subscribe now call to action that helps your business gets list of audiences looking for the services you provide. You can send them customized emails with latest offers to increase number of leads and sales for your Business.

Final Words

If you want to make your presence better, you need to create contents of high quality. Blogging is the process to do the same. Remember, Anything that can help you get more leads is something you should consider to add in your marketing process and we are sure, Effective Blogging will never disappoint you.

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