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Amazing New Technologies Invented in the World

Due to constant development of new sciences and technologies our world passed through a boom of fantastic discoveries that improved the life of mankind. It is all about things that sometimes we even do not perceive. However they create a perfect balance and open hidden possibilities of a modern man.

In this article you will uncover the world of amazing technologies that surrendered modern reality.

3D Magic Leap Technologies

In the course of past years the technology of visual implementation has improved. Augmented-reality is used in movies and gadgets. They use methods that trick your eyes and not allow them to see in the way they used to visualize the reality. How does it work? Usually this method is based on showing the same object from another angle to each of your eyes. That is how you get tricked. However, this technique can make you feel weird and dizzy. It can even provoke a headache.

Iris scan instead of fingerprints

This amazing technology started to develop last year. Nowadays a lot of mobile payment companies and federal organizations prefer it to usual fingerprinting. First of all, it is a more precise and secure way of detection. Secondly, it is quite simple and comfortable to proceed with.

Brain Organoid Technologies

Within the framework of neurological investigations, a single skin cell taken from an adult was grown into a neuron. From this point it is possible to use the new-born cell in curing the neurological diseases and to understand what goes wrong with the neurons of people with disorders.

Creation of genomes network

This structural advance permits to have a huge storage of all humankind life-saving information into genomics depot. The new way to collect and analyze data brings fascinating changes into the study of illnesses and disorders.

Technology Allowing Car Communication

Many cars already use radars, gps, ultrasound to detect obstacles and vehicles. However, the variety of these techniques differs on the type of a car and its length.

Communication between cars makes huge impact on advanced automation technologies. Self-driving cars could improve safety, meanwhile they are easily distorted by bad weather and unexpected conditions, as well as intense city driving.

Implementing of this new technology is still a big challenge. International computers used inside cars process a lot of stuff at the same time. Transmitters use a specific portion of information as well as a new wireless standard in order to encode and transmit messages between cars.




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