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5 Online marketing strategies that increase traffic

What is a digital strategy? Online website promotion is a highly competitive deal nowadays. That is why, if you choose a good strategy, it does not guarantee the efficiency of internet marketing techniques. Your plan should be appropriate specifically for your project. Then it will work.

Small business online marketing strategy for promotion of a start up usually includes several important steps that together represent the basis of what is called global multichannel promotion of a project. Here are some things you need to do before to choose the channels and to generate your strategy:

  • Define your speed. Based on how fast you want to follow your website marketing plan for online promotion, the strategy will differ. It is always important to decide how fast you would like to obtain results.
  • Be realistic: measure your efforts and results. If you want to do everything at once, mix of channels may result dramatic and too much time spent will bring low conversions. Be strategically wise and plan your promotional actions promotion.
  • Calculate your investments. It is the third and most influencing part of what you can plan. When you launch the strategy, do not overestimate financial supports you have and the business will require.

Online Marketing Strategy

To your attention 5 combined online marketing strategies that if done wisely can generate new valuable traffic:

Content marketing + Social Media + PR management

First low-cost marketing strategy for online business includes constant generation of new content and review creation and management. Let me explain. This strategy is not based on links. But if you create a lot of valuable content, people will start linking you very fast.

This strategy is for usage of content projects or ecommerce stores that can implement large textual content and blog. Initial on-site optimization will provide you with all necessary keywords needed for content improvement. Together with your marketing specialist you can create the plan according to which new content will be generated on a daily basis. The more you build the better.

Social media engagement will strengthen the influence of your content on users. If you already have social groups and communities facing your products or services, it will be easier to share website content and increase its popularity. Try to be unique and original in social media and share your content mostly. Sometimes you can attract new communities by sharing their content too. But do not exaggerate.

Engage your audience: run contests and post a lot of graphic content. You can share your website links together with some self-designed graphic content.

How will PR management participate in this mixed strategy? By sharing your posts and engaging followers you will build up the name of your brand. Of course, users will be curious to know more about it, its reviews and some comments about your company. That is where PR management starts to play an important role. You can engage your customers to leave reviews, ratings and comments. You may also create specific profiles on review websites and promote your brand via brand management. Usage of Google Alerts will help to find appropriate resources where to start the PR activity and initiate your potential customers.

online strategy marketing

Link building + Content marketing + Paid advertising

This business plan marketing strategy is divided equally into three channels. Each of them is a base for functioning of the other two. For example, content marketing allows to push the website by low-frequency queries in organic search. It facilitates the process of paid advertising. The website keeps positions for more competitive queries easier by investing lower budget.

Link building is a good way to share valuable content and link to your website on trustworthy resources. More engaged customers will come to your website that, if you do content marketing, is already a source of even more detailed information for the interested audience.

Paid advertising is optional for this channel. If you have resources to invest more and push your business forward within a limited period of time, you can do paid advertising on search or on social networks for priority queries.

Paid advertising + Social media + E-mail marketing

The following strategy is based mostly on paid ads. So, it encourages quick brand traffic. It is a good way to promote your new born start-up or to push a paused business. Initial effect will blow out fast if you stop your campaign for awhile. That is why it is important to seize your relevant audience with a well-balanced e-mail marketing campaign.

If a user-friendly subscription form is integrated into your website, there is no way for your potential customer to escape sending an e-mail to your database. Paid e-mail marketing and social media group promotion will boost traffic from paid search and brand organic traffic.

Crowd marketing + Paid Advertising + Partnership

For those who prefer to build up a creative way to promote a business, there is an unlimited field for getting to know your brand to others. How it works? How to make a marketing strategy? It is a relatively new way to position a company within a chosen niche. The resources used in crowd marketing refer to any platform or community where you can speak freely about your products and services. If the resources are highly populated, there is more chance to drag substantial traffic and to boost sales. The thing is that crowd marketing is a very meticulous method of promotion. If strengthened with paid advertising on google search or social media, you will have much more recognition of your brand and much more reaction.

You can either seek for partnership at the beginning of promotion, or later when people start to search your brand independently.

Strategy Pnline Marketing

Social media + E-mail marketing + Content marketing

This strategy is mainly focused on content marketing through social media. It is a low-budget way to promote a business that is why you will not spend funds on paid advertising. You just need to find a smart and attractive style to let people recognize your business through the content you will be generating. Social media is basically used for sharing the articles and maintaining groups to drag more potential buyers. You can use e-mail marketing strategy ideas together or instead of that.

You cannot necessarily only one sample of marketing strategy. You can take strong points that are appropriate for your business and develop them.

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