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10 tips for managing freelancers

In the democratic era, autocracy won’t work for you. When you have employed individuals, working for you then there should be a proper plan to retain their interest in work and make them perform much better.

When freelancers work for you, you don’t have any formal authority over them because freelancing isn’t something like 9 to 5 job. A thought here arises; bonuses are something that keeps people interest in any work, what if they don’t get the side benefits? How will you keep them working and engaged? Here you need to think about the alternative option to retain their interest in work.

There should be a win-win situation between you and the freelancers working for you because it’s a fact that your freelancers are your internal customers.

We have jotted down some tips for you which are very beneficial in keeping a good pace between you and the freelancers.

Be very clear about your goal


You need to be very clear about the deadline you have for the work because it isn’t good to be vague about deadlines. Communicate it to your freelancer that you want the work to be done till that time, moreover ask them to submit the work 3 days before the actual deadline so by any chance if there is any miss happening then you get time to tweak the things and get them done by another freelancer

Keep in touch with the freelancer

It isn’t like that once you have given the work, now your duty is done. You need to keep interacting with your freelancer, need to have an understanding that both of you are on the same page if, you won’t do that then chances are that you may face a disastrous situation at the end when your freelancer fails to complete the work

This not only will disturb your peace but will develop a state of the argument between you both and its obvious effect will be on work and your relationship with your freelancer. To avoid this situation, ask for the progress report once in a day or twice a day, as per the time limit you have.

Create a good profile

Creating a dull profile would have a bad impact on your freelancer, when you hire them, introduce them to your organization in a way that they feel like, yes it’sworthy to work for such amazing organization. Explain about the customers, their approach, what their taste is. Allin all you need to communicate your brand personality to your freelancer because anything which gets done without proper research always ends up in vain.

Tell them your vision and mission statement, your core values , your company’s history, from where this company is coming, where does it stand now and where do you want to see it in the near future and how freelancers can help you in getting to the point which you dream of.

Make a smart move

It isn’t a smart approach to hiring freelancers for a short time period, this way you don’t only waste your time but you waste the tempo which you are most likely to build with a long term freelancer. Once you find a good freelancer, concentrate on relationship building because each time when you hire another freelancer you need to communicate each and everything in detail form the start.

Moreover, the relationship building with a new freelancer takes time and surely the freelancer gradually understands the scope of work, there is nothing like a magic wand here.

While selecting a freelancer, ask for the samples of their project if, you find them reluctant in sharing their sample work then yes you need to have a look on your decision because a good freelancer will be more thenhappy to show you his work and yes when you have an audio conference with the freelancer you can surely judge how good he is with the work.


Prompt responses are the core!

Make sure that when a freelancer reaches you, you don’t give them the excuse of being busy unless you really are because if you will do so it will automatically lose their interest in work. Be an active one, train them like a pro and be there when they need to ask you something about work. Stream line things with your freelancer and on and off keep asking the progress.

Bottom line

The outline of work, which you create, plays a vital role and yes the communication runs in parallel here. If these two things run parallel to each other then the things will run smoothly and there will be no communication gap and the end result would be a perfect management of freelancers.

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