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10 things your competitors can teach you about freelancing

Wait or you’ll miss something really interesting! We do understand your situation, working late hours, gathered many freelancing projects, divorced your social engagements, quit the hangouts with friends and what not? Well, you shouldn’t be doing this all. You must be thinking, How would I run my business If I stop concentrating 24×7 on it, to be very honest with you, things never work this way.

Think for a second, if you are burdening yourself too much, working round the clock every day, why doesn’t it seem working for you? Do you know where are you lacking? What’s the most important point? We call it “Time Management”. You are not a machine so never think of yourself as one. Burdening yourself doesn’t only affect your eternal peace only but you won’t be that much productive.

For a productive day you need to stay fit and relaxed but how’s it possible without time management? Well, it is not. Managing freelancing projects is an art which doesn’t come easy way, no rocket science here but still you need to learn that, certainly every other aspect is interlinked to the time management.

The incredible thing about learning the art of managing freelancing projects is that you don’t need to find a teacher for it because the teacher is already roaming around you in the invisible cloak. Ever thought who is the best teacher for it? None other than your “Competitors”

Goals on the go!

Have you set your main objective? Have you ever thought about what would you be doing in the next 12 months or 3 years? Leave the rest; just ask yourself “Did I set a goal for today? If the answer to all these is no then you are doing nothing other than jumping into the well without water. That’s exactly what your competitor wants from you and that’s what he exactly does to stay ahead of you.

Your competitors define realistic goals to be achieved for coming 3 months, 5 months or12 months. When you define your goal, you get a clear idea of what needed to be achieved and you get a complete X-Ray of where are you standing right now?

Learn from your competitors and win the game

Your competitors are you best friend, who else can better than them in giving you the full idea of what the customers want? You just need to analyze your competitor’s offering, need to evaluate where you are lacking and why your competitors offering appeal to your customers.

When you get the answer to all questions then you can come up with something really exciting for the customer which can divert their attention towards you. It isn’t so difficult but yes a clever mind is needed to win the game.


Your competitors are trend savvy

Details can’t be missed here! Some people are very reluctant to the change, they fail to adapt it and work on the conventional theme well, change is the only constant thing. If change is the only constant thing then how can you stop yourself from changing a different avatar? Your competitor becomes the trendsetter and ruins you. This all is because you don’t take a chance and reluctant to change. Give your customer something new and educate them about it, it isn’t possible that they’ll say no to a very good offer.

Work in parallel with your clients

Understanding is the first key! Your competitor understands the client and provides him with the best of everything. You need to understand your client’s preferences, their needs, and their wants. You can stay ahead of your competitor of you don’t miss out those little points and work in parallel to your clients.


Sense of individuality


Your competitor is a pro at this sense if he is leading the industry of freelancing projects. Well, yes the sense of individuality turns the game in your favor. What is so unique about your offer? Why should one opt for it? These two questions give you the complete road map of turning the game in your favor moreover, can help you in analyzing whether you are going at the right pace or not.

You need to bring the sense of individuality in you. You need to think of new things which can bang the competitors offering.

Can’t survive the load? Transfer it.

This is what your competitor does when he finds out that he has enough load of freelancing projects which he can’t tackle then he transfers the load to other freelancers. Your competitor works in collaboration with another freelancer. So they achieve the WIN-WIN situation. Not only this improves their rating on freelancing platforms but help them managing the time, easy way.

Your competitors don’t work round the clock

Unlike you, they have a life and they enjoy it. They socialize, go for dinners, give time to themselves but it doesn’t stop them from working. They maintain a profound time schedule for everything because to be more productive, your brain needs to get relaxed.

Build up a strong network

Satisfy your clients and you will never be craving for new projects. Your competitor knows this and is building up a strong network. Here satisfaction doesn’t mean the work only but the relationship as well. You need to maintain a good relationship with the client. When you make a new client try to retain them by offering best of your work and satisfying him. In the first place if he asks for revisions 2 or 3 times then don’t turn your face. Recall the emotional quotient and you won’t feel bad by doing the revision.

Plan of action

Your competitor got a new project; do you know what first he does? He first makes a road map of actions needed to be taken to complete that specific work. Different freelancing projects require a different plan of action. First, jot down the list of the things needed to be done then divide the work according to the days you have. When you make a checklist then it’s easy for you to monitor the productivity.

Avoid tempting social media while working

Freelancing projects require dedication and surely your competitors have taken this fact to the heart. While working on projects they don’t keep on checking their social media profiles because they know that a little piece of information is enough to distract their attention which leads to the decline in sound outcomes

Bottom Line

The advantages you are reaping today won’t be there tomorrow with the changing time. Your competitors are a pro at catching waves, now it’s high time for you to catch the wave or you will be left with no other option other than surrendering. Do it right before your competitors take the charge.

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